iRacing Off-Road: Joel Blewitt, Connor Barry score Bark River victories

In the 11th and 12th races of iRacing’s 2023 Off-Road Championship season, Joel Blewitt and Connor Barry were victorious at Bark River.

The 2023 iRacing Off-Road Championship Series is starting to come to a close, and what better time than now for the defending series champion Connor Barry to get hot and control the points lead.

After trailing Keaton Swane for the first half of the season by mere points, unable to score a victory, Barry now has won two weeks in a row, scoring the second race win of the night at Bark River International Raceway. Joel Blewitt was the dominant force in the first race of the night, winning handedly from the pole position.

In the first race, Blewitt led all 11 laps, managing to pull away from the outside pole sitter Jarrett Liebert as the two ran away from the rest of the pack. These two rookies have been impressive, scoring now five wins amongst the pair as Blewitt picked up his second of the season.

Barry finished third after starting in sixth, with the two Dall’olmos, Killian and Quentin, finishing fourth and fifth respectively.

Swane, meanwhile, had the virtual wheels fall off the cart when he made a rare mistake early in the first race. Racing against Barry for what was the sixth position at the time, the two collided off of a jump, sending the former points leader into the berm and subsequently into the path of Jakob Rafoss.

Finishing 17th in the first race with a single qualifying point, Swane only mustered 19 points and put himself in a hole for the second race, as that would be where he would start. Swane managed to get back up to eighth, minimizing what damages he could, but the championship has a whole new look with only two rounds left.

That’s because Barry would score that win and maximize his points, again starting from sixth, but once again passing all the trucks that he passed in the first race. The two he couldn’t catch started behind him and had a tougher time cutting through traffic.

Alex Bergeron was the pole sitter for the second race, starting alongside Tom Grady in his best effort of the season to date. Barry was no match, however, as he took the lead with five laps to go and never looked back.

The points battle leaving Bark River, with two rounds and four races left to decide the title, is still not over by any means, but it has become a lot harder for Swane being a full race back now. Barry leads Liebert by 27 points, about a half a race. Swane is now tied for third with Blewitt, who is 40 points in the hole from penalty points.

If not for those penalty points, the rookie Blewitt would be only 13 points out. Instead, Barry is starting to tighten his grip around what could be back-to-back championships in the series’ first two seasons.

Only two race weeks remain, with four races in total to go. Two races will take place next week at Wild Horse Pass, and then the finale will offer two races at Crandon to decide the championship.

Bark River Race #11 – Top 10 Results:

1127Joel Blewitt [R]11 LAPS115055
2225Jarrett Liebert [R]+1.044 sec04852
361Connor Barry+3.627 sec04646
435Killian Dall’olmo+5.442 sec04447
5714Quentin Dall’olmo+5.727 sec04242
6410Jakob Rafoss+7.525 sec04042
7916Tom Grady+9.876 sec03838
8159Alex A Bergeron+12.004 sec03636
91312Josh Fox+14.047 sec03434
10114Josh Edmundson+14.556 sec03232

Bark River Race #12 – Top 10 Results:

161Connor Barry11 LAPS55096
219Alex A Bergeron+1.622 sec54884
3216Tom Grady+2.730 sec04684
4414Quentin Dall’olmo+3.002 sec14486
5827Joel Blewitt [R]+5.780 sec04297
6310Jakob Rafoss+6.636 sec04082
7725Jarrett Liebert [R]+7.036 sec03890
8172Keaton Swane+8.353 sec03655
9138Christopher Plumley+10.675 sec03460
10912Josh Fox+10.838 sec03266

2023 iRacing Off-Road Championship Series Standings:

11Connor Barry555LEADER21112
225Jarrett Liebert [R]528-273611
32Keaton Swane502-532611
327Joel Blewitt [R]502*-5321012
55Killian Dall’olmo443-112068
614Quentin Dall’olmo387*-168057
710Jakob Rafoss377*-178046
84Josh Edmundson372*-183038
912Josh Fox323*-232005
1020Tyson Miller309-246015
Other winners outside the Top 10 include Nicholas Dachelet, Alex A Bergeron and Parker Retzlaff
* = penalty points assigned

2023 iRacing Off-Road Championship Series Schedule

128-JuneWild West Motorsports Park16 | 16
25-JulyCrandon International Raceway10 | 10
312-JulyBark River International Raceway11 | 11
419-JulyWild Horse Pass Motorsports Park16 | 16
All-Star26-JulyCrandon International Raceway – SHORTTBA
52-AugustWild West Motorsports Park16 | 16
69-AugustBark River International Raceway11 | 11
716-AugustWild Horse Pass Motorsports Park16 | 16
823-AugustCrandon International Raceway10 | 10
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