iRacing has a “number of good ideas” to remove grass dipping

Thomas Harrison-Lord
After a controversial 24 Hours of Spa, iRacing has moved to explain what it’s plans are and apologise for the grass dipping technique used by many.
iRacing has a number of good ideas to remove grass dipping

Following a controversial 2022 iRacing 24 Hours of Spa, where the majority of the field drove with two wheels off the track surface to lower tyre temperatures, the platform has issued a statement apologising for the scenario and providing insight into future fixes.

Point of the iRacing sporting code stated that “drivers can only use the racing surface and allowed areas of the track for qualifying and racing.”

iRacing tire dipping, Spa 24 Hours 2022

However, during the qualifying session, it was noted that several drivers used strange techniques that involved driving across the grass at the side of the circuit. In theory, this reduced tyre temperatures, and in turn, provided enhanced grip and reduced lap times.

This then set the template for the rest of the race, with ‘grass dipping’ or ‘tire dipping’ becoming the norm.

“This is not something that is typically done in the real world for a number of reasons and nor should you be able to do it on iRacing, no excuses,” said Anthony Gardner, President and CFO of iRacing late on the 25th July via the platform’s forums.

“We have a number of good ideas to take this exploit completely out of the simulation so it no longer is of concern. We have made it a top priority. We should be able to come up with a fix fairly quickly.”

iRacing grass dipping, Spa 24 Hours 2022

This is confidence-inspiring for sim racing fans and professional esports drivers alike. What form the fix will take or when it lands is yet to be revealed, but stating that it is ‘no longer a concern’ could insinuate that the resolution jettisons the exploit for good.

“I want to apologize to the drivers and teams who put a lot of time in and raced according to the rules of good sportsmanship. We are reviewing the race footage and will be contacting the drivers who did not,” continued Gardner.

That is no mean feat. Across a packed grid of GT3 cars, with four drivers per car and a 24-hour period, the iRacing team will have its hands full.

In all likelihood, the result of the race remains in place, but individual drivers may receive a timed iRacing ban. However, we await clear confirmation from verifiable sources.

“That said, the responsibility is with us to make sure exploits like this are not possible, our apologies. Again, it is a top priority to fix this as soon as possible,” explained Gardner.

We hope that many of you still enjoyed the race. We also know that we have to keep earning your business and precious time. Thanks for allowing us to continue doing what we love.”

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