Rev to Vertex is an RPG touge driving simulator

Rev to Vertex is an RPG touge driving simulator

A rival-based, story-driven, driving simulator set in the hills of Hong Kong, Rev to Vertex is set to be something rather unique.

A brand new driving simulator is set to emerge from Hong Kong, with Rev to Vertex (R2V) set for a demo launch on PC in September.

This will be a touge experience, which is the predominately Japanese automotive phenomenon of driving quickly up a mountainous pass. In Rev to Vertex, the aim is to get away from a chasing rival, with victory handed out once a certain gap is achieved.

Except, these particular hillclimb routes are set in the development studio’s native country. Plutonization not only seems to be a game developer but a motorsport-culture media outlet.

The early teaser trailer shows promising visual fidelity, and vehicle motion that seems, hands-off, realistic. Note also a lack of licenced vehicles, but they are said to feature customisation options.

R2V driving simulator Hong Kong, Plutonization

A demo will be released via Steam in September, followed by an Early Access release and some form of Epic Games Store launch at an as-yet-undetermined date.

What makes it a role-playing game? Who knows, but the initial blurb mentions that it will be story-driven. Colour us intrigued.

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