iRacing Classic Membersite sunset tentatively delayed until 2023 Season 3

For iRacers that still use the Membersite, you may get to use it a little longer, but iRacing has big changes planned in the coming months.
What 'Active Reset' could bring to the future of iRacing

Originally planned to sunset for 2023 iRacing Season 2, iRacing’s Classic Membersite sunset is still coming #soon. On Thursday, the platform announced some updated terminology about aspects of the service, including the dropping of the iRacing UI termed the introduction of a new iRacing Web service.

In the coming months, there will be four distinct interfaces of iRacing, one with a new title, one of which will be a brand new area of the service, and one that is “sunsetting”. The only thing that isn’t changing is the iRacing Simulation – that’s the window that you go in to actually drive cars on race tracks. How you get to the sim will be with the sunset of the membersite.

How members get there will only be available through what will formerly be known as the iRacing UI – simply put as iRacing. This program will hold they keys to racing, painting, watching, replaying, and more. Pretty much what it does now, but the UI part of the name will be dropped as this will be the main menu for iRacing moving forward, if it wasn’t already explicitly stated enough.

iRacing UI
The iRacing UI as of 2023 Season 2

iRacing Web will be a new website to visit, but it WON’T be the Classic Membersite. The Classic Membersite as we know it will be sunsetting… not completely disappearing but losing functionality as it becomes something that can be done with ease on the program formerly known as the UI.

The iRacing Web browser page will allow users to manage teams and leagues without needing iRacing installed on your computer. At launch, iRacing Web won’t be something accessible on mobile devices, but certain things can be viewed on the currently existing iRacing mobile app.

iRacing: This is the interface that allows you to join races, paint cars, launch replays, and more. Formerly known as the iRacing UI.

iRacing Web: The web browser version of iRacing that allows users to interact with the parts of our interface that don’t require an active iRacing installation, such as managing teams and leagues.

iRacing Simulation: Your experience at the virtual racetrack.

Classic Membersite: The web browser version of iRacing currently accessible at This will be replaced by iRacing Web in the coming months.

SOURCE: User Guide: The Future of iRacing and iRacing Web
The iRacing Classic Membersite as of 2023 Season 2.

When iRacing Web becomes available, that’s when iRacing’s Classic Membersite will begin to sunset. iRacing says that they estimate this to be happening in 2023 Season 3, which will likely be some time in June.

Long story short, it seems that iRacing is moving forward with what is currently the iRacing UI as the main way to be on iRacing, but they are working on making some things (that don’t include the content) available to access through a new website that won’t be

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