How to be a Formula 1 team sim driver, with Sebastian Job | Traxion Podcast

Thomas Harrison-Lord
How different are F1 team simulators from sim racing? How do you get the job of an F1 simulation test driver? Listen to the latest Traxion Podcast to find out!

Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports driver Sebastian Job has tasted virtual success, previously winning the Porsche Esports Supercup world championship on iRacing and he currently competes at the top level of sim racing: ESL R1, F1 and Le Mans Virtual to name but a few are on his CV so far.

But where next? The actual Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team, that’s where.

John Munro spoke to Job at the team’s Milton Keynes base to hear what it’s like working with an F1 outfit and also the differences between sim racing and motorsport simulation.

Are there transferable skills? Did his work affect real-world set-ups? Can we have a go too, please??

This is an extended director’s cut of a video interview we first published in February, which you can watch via the link at the bottom of this post.

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