Horizon Origins is a new nostalgia-fuelled Forza Horizon 5 anniversary story

Horizon Origins is a new nostalgia-fuelled Forza Horizon 5 anniversary story

A new story is coming to Forza Horizon 5 on Thursday 13th October to celebrate 10 years of open-world games from Playground and Microsoft.

Believe it or not, this year marks the 10th anniversary of Playground Games’ Forza Horizon franchise.

The original open-world racer was released on the Xbox 360 way back in 2012, and to celebrate this milestone, Forza Horizon 5 will receive a brand-new story for all players.

Like Drift Club Mexico, the new story will feature several chapters, a new-to-Horizon-5 vehicle and several nods to the franchise’s history.

“When we think of Horizon, we think of all the games and so we wanted to celebrate that with a story,” said Kelly Boyle, Game Designer at developers Playground.

It will start with a bang, however, that will not be shown before it releases later this month.

Horizon Origins Forza Horizon 5 anniversary story, diner

Each chapter will focus on recreating one of the four previous Horizon titles, with series regular disc jockey Scott Tyler guiding you through.

During today’s (6th October) Forza Monthly broadcast, the second chapter of the new narrative, based around Colorado but within the Mexican map.

2013 Dodge SRT Viper GTS Anniversary Edition

This was with the Anniversary Edition Dodge Viper, in yellow with a black stripe, emblematic of the first game’s cover car. This will be unlocked for use elsewhere in Forza Horizon 5 by completing the Horizon Origins story.

2013 Dodge SRT Viper GTS Anniversary Edition Forza Horizon 5 Anniversary tune

It’s been fettled, so is already at the top of the S1 class. There’s an option upgrade pre-set too, up to the top of S2, thanks in part to an aggressive body kit.

Elements of each game have been recreated, be that the music that’s playing during the missions, the time of day, through to (in this example) a diner from the first game within the current game’s map. The head-to-head race mode, Midnight Battles from the third instalment also returns, alongside a Horizon Mixtape via the in-game radio.

Horizon Mixtape

On said music selection, the following songs from prior Horizon games will be included:

SongArtistGameRadio Station
A Moment ApartODESZAForza Horizon 4Horizon Bass Arena
Aurora (feat. Metrik)Camo & KrookedForza Horizon 3Hospital Records
Bored To Deathblink-182Forza Horizon 3Vagrant Records
Constellations – FH3 VIP MixFred V & GrafixForza Horizon 3Hospital Records
DawnbreakerMetrikForza Horizon 4Hospital Records
FlyMarshmelloForza Horizon 4Horizon Bass Arena
Get It RightThe OffspringForza Horizon 3Epitaph Records
LanguagePorter RobinsonForza HorizonHorizon Bass Arena
Levels (Skrillex Mix)AviciiForza HorizonHorizon Bass Arena
NocturneKeenoForza Horizon 2Horizon Bass Arena
Show Me A SignModestepForza HorizonHorizon Bass Arena
SlipstreamMetrikForza Horizon 2Hospital Records
SunriseFred V & GrafixForza Horizon 4Hospital Records
Tied To You (feat. Justin Tranter)The KnocksForza Horizon 3Horizon Pulse
Ingrid Is A HybridDuskyForza Horizon 3Horizon Bass Arena

The Horizon Origins story goes live with the next Festival Playlist Series, Thursday 13th October, but will be a permanent fixture playable long after the Playlist changes. The Playlist itself will also be Anniversary themed and the necessary game update lands on the 11th.

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