Historic Bathurst, Formula Inter headline upcoming Automobilista 2 updates

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The March update blog from Reiza Studios regarding Automobilista 2 gave insight into upcoming new content and fixes planned over the next month.
Historic Bathurst, Formula Inter headline upcoming Automobilista 2 updates in car

Reiza Studios’ March update blog dropped early on Friday afternoon (3rd March) and gave some insight into what is on the horizon for their current racing simulation title, Automobilista 2.

While the team admits to being a bit behind schedule in their post, there are many things to still look forward to in the coming weeks for AMS2. Those updates will come broken up into smaller pieces through the month of March, so here’s what to expect in the next couple of updates.


What will be a part of the Historic Track Pack Pt1 DLC that was released in December, the 1983 version of the Mount Panorama Bathurst Circuit could be coming as soon as this weekend.

Not too different than the current-day venue, racers will be able to notice more shrubbery up and around the mountain, as well as less retaining walls and barriers.

“The main difference then was the Conrod straight still uninterrupted by the Chase section to be introduced in 1987,” reads the development update, but otherwise, it will still feel like Bathurst, just older.


Another piece of content – this one on the spectrum of being free – is the Formula Inter racecars that are coming to Automobilista 2. It’s a series that’s gone away for a few years based in Brazil, but in 2023, will return in the real-world.

It’s a “Brazilian series initially created in 2015 as a platform for new racing talents looking to start their careers out of karting,” per Reiza. The single seaters offer 190bhp and weights under 500kg, also included with a 5-speed H-pattern shifter.


Unfortunately, the 1971 edition of the Nürburgring is still in progress and won’t be ready for the most immediate update expected as soon as this weekend.

“The project has been extended to include the Historic Sudschleife (South Loop) layout along the more famous Nordschleife layout we all know and love,” said the update notes.

This particular venue is a part of the existing Nürburgring Pack that released initially all the way back in 2020. So, if you’re still holding on to that or the Season Pass, it should be already included for you when it becomes available.


Latest Automobilista 2 dev update reveals plans for Indy oval and Spa 1970

Reiza acknowledged that the most recent version of the game came equipped with some issues. Thankfully, it seems that they’ve got them figured out for the next update.

Both AI updates and Multiplayer updates are two of the biggest areas of concern with the Automobilista 2 title, and both were acknowledged within the blog. We’ll have to see if those areas do get resolved properly.

What do you think about these additions, updates and fixes planned? Let us know in the comments!

SOURCE: Reiza Studios

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