High-end EK Sim Racer sim racing rig available for pre-order

Justin Melillo
A premium sim racing rig from EKWB is due to hit the market in Q4 2023, and the $20,000 EK Sim Racer is available to pre-order now.
EK Sim Racer from front

Slovenian technology company EKWB, which stands for EK Water Blocks (the EK stands for founder Edvard König), usually has their name on liquid cooling components for high end computers. They’ve been long established since 2003, however, EKWB is getting into the sim racing business with their first sim racing rig.

The turn-key system from EKWB is called the EK Sim Racer and it starts at nearly $20,000, and that’s before the price of one of their high end PCs are added on to the total price. Pre-orders are open now, and anyone looking to get one will need to deposit $100 of such a reservation.

This sleek piece of equipment is pretty much the racing rig of our dreams, complete with all the bells and whistles wrapped into an all-in-one price point besides the PC itself. It definitely has the price point of being the sim rig of our dreams.

That 19,900 starting price includes monitors (triple or single wide), a monitor stand and unique bonnet, the seat, the wheel, the pedals, the four point haptic feedback system and the frame, of course. The rig will be paired and tested to work out of the box with whatever PC you end up adding to it when making the purchase.

It looks like the peripherals will be from the Moza Racing family, including the base, wheel and pedal set.

EK’s racing rig is due to be available in the fourth and final quarter of 2023. More information on the complete racing system can be found on the EKWB website.

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