Here’s which fixes are coming to F1 23 soon

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The work-in-progress to-fix list has been published.
Here's which fixes are coming to F1 23 soon

Following the now-yearly schedule, James Bralant (Social and Creator Manager at Electronic Arts/Codemasters) has shared the community-raised issues within this year’s EA SPORTS Formula 1 video game.

This time around, the list for F1 23 seems smaller and much more reasonable than F1 22 – a step forward.

Shared via EA’s support pages, it’s broken down into four main areas: investigating (issue reported, on the list to check), awaiting patch (fix made, awaiting deployment), resolved (fixed and released) and closed (not replicable by the development team/no longer an issue).

The full list is below, but the stand-out item for us is the lack of TrueForce support at present for those with Logitech steering wheels, such as the G923 and G Pro. This is a proprietary set of parameters, with an API for developers, with the aim of delivering more detailed force feedback.

F1 23 Formula 2 patch update

The list reveals a heart list of fixes expected in the next patch, including being able to view sponsor logos on racing helmets and suits in My Team, co-op career having realistic car performance instead of equal and the correct finishing positions following a red flag.

There are also frame-rate tweaks when racing at night and creating a second Formula 2 career save should no long cause a crash.

What else would you like to see updated in F1 23? Let us know in the comments below and on EA’s forums.


  •  Logitech TrueForce is unavailable on Xbox
  • Various Force Feedback issues across multiple platforms
  • EA friends list showing as empty for those with a large number of friends

Awaiting Patch

  • Safety Car and Formation Lap disabled in 25% race distance
  • Braking Point getting stuck at Chapter 7 (When on-screen display is disabled)
  • Unable to invite friends to race using system menus (Xbox & PlayStation)
  • Issues with ghosting cars when ‘collisions off for first lap only’ is enabled
  • Framerate drops during night races 
  • Creating a second Career save with F2 causes the game to crash
  • After a red flag, finishing positions can be incorrect
  • Two-player Career uses Equal Performance instead of Realistic performance
  • Driving out of the 11th garage at Monaco causes the car to hit the wall
  • Logitech TrueForce is unavailable (PlayStation & PC)
  • Switching between Performance and Quality modes causes framerate issues (Xbox)
  • Sponsor decals do not appear on race suits and helmets in My Team
  • Virtual rear view mirror stays on screen when looking backwards
  • F1 World goal expires while a bonus goal is active

Source: EA

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