F1 22

Here’s how F1 22 looks compared to F1 2021

With EA SPORTS F1 22 now available and reviewed, well for those with the Champions Edition or an EA Play Pro subscription, we can now look at the difference between last year’s title and the new addition.

One key change is a visual uplift. The locations look to be more vibrant, with detail changes, fresh kerbs, new sponsor banners and a brand new asphalt colouring treatment.

Using the same PC baseline – Intel I9 10900X, RTX 3090, 128GB Ram, 2TB Nvme SSD – you can see the visible updates between the two games. In this video, you will see multiple different camera angles and the Red Bull Ring, Silverstone and Montreal circuits.

Of course, the vehicles have been changed too to the latest all-new regulations, but it’s interesting that while these particular tracks have not been completely overhauled, there appears to be a visual uplift between the two games.

What do you think about the enhanced visuals? Let us know in the comments below, and you can also watch our full game review.

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