Gran Turismo 7 features the most customisation options in series history

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Gran Turismo 7 features the most customisation options in series history

The ‘Behind The Scenes’ video teaser series continues apace for Gran Turismo 7, and while the next two trailers had been leaked online via a Spanish YouTube account, we now have the official version of the episode entitled ‘Tuners’ to enjoy.

As the title suggests, this entry features series producer Kazunori Yamauchi explaining some of the customisation and tuning options in the game.

The return of GT Auto

In historic Gran Turismo titles, GT Auto was a place for your car to be washed, serviced and kitted out. We already know that this returns for Gran Turismo 7, but now there is the clarification that more options for your car collection will be available.

Gran Turismo 7 RAYS wheels

In this trailer, we see the 2019-spec Toyota GR Supra RZ in a burgundy colour with body-matching custom front splitter, side skirts and a natty rear wing.

There is a yellow 2020-spec GR Supra shown at various stages of customisation. First, we see the wheel selection – something that was present in GT Sport – but the choice now seems to be vast. There are several wheel options on display, and the two that are selected are by the Japanese racing wheel company Rays.

Gran Turismo 7 custom parts, rear wing, Toyota Supra

Then, within the ‘Car Customization’ > ‘Custom Parts’ > ‘Custom Parts Wing’ section, three different appendages are browsed, before in a subtle shot, two side-skirt designs and one rear bumper/fender options are switch between.

More parts than ever

“In Gran Turismo 7, we are going to have the most number of car parts we’ve ever had available for tuning the cars in game,” explained the feted driving game lead who has a street named after him in Ronda, Spain.

We are then treated to several screens of the ‘Understeer Engineering’ performance tuning section of GT7.

Gran Turismo 7 custom parts, Understeer Engineering

We saw in the recent Brembo trailer the numerous brake options on a Mercedes- Benz SLR McLaren, but this video highlights a myriad of different cars and parts.

For a Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 (C4) ‘90, we see that you have two turbocharging and one supercharging option to select from, or alternatively boring the engine out to a larger displacement for a whopping 650,000 credits.


The aforementioned Brembo trailer for the game highlighted the partnership with the renowned braking manufacturer. When you select brake parts in the game, they will be branded Brembo – although this isn’t apparent in every section of footage shown so far

We are yet to see what happens when you select suspension parts, but if you look closely, there’s the Bilstein – a German damper expert – logo within a yellow animation, that then transposes itself on a Nürburgring sponsorship hoarding. Could it be the game’s official suspension supplier?

Gran Turismo 7 Bilstein

The next video in the ‘Behind The Scenes’ series should be about the tracks and we’ll let you know when it’s officially released.

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