Full-circle FaZe: Lucas Müller earns his jersey with ESL R1

Crystal Scuor
From Dörr Esports to FaZe Clan, Lucas Müller and his teammate, Tim Jarschel, have earned their spot in brand-new ESL R1 series.
Lucas Müller of Dörr Esports will debut with new FaZe Clan team this weekend

I’ve always been a dreamer.

Like John Lennon sang beautifully to the world, “But I’m not the only one.”

Dreams are a funny thing. You either have a goal so wild and outrageous, that it’s more of a motivation for the smaller aspirations each day. Yet, even those big, crazy dreams can be achieved.

We see it all the time, actually.

College football players hope to make it into the NFL and then somehow are taken with the last pick in the 2022 Draft as “Mr. Irrelevant” who ends up breaking rookie records with the San Francisco 49ers.

Shout out to Brock Purdy for doing exactly that, by the way.

Sim racers spend hours each day perfecting their setup and tweaking strategy to eventually win a championship that will catapult them into the driver line-up of a Formula 2 racing team.

Everything you want for yourself in life can be a reality. And for Lucas Müller, a full-circle moment has given him a second chance to achieve one of his dreams in a very surreal way.

“FaZe is without any doubts one of the biggest organizations in the world of esports. Everywhere they enter, they are one of the teams you need to have an eye on.

“I got the call from FaZe asking if I would like to drive for them in the ESL R1. In the beginning, I couldn’t believe what just happened and needed a day or two to let it sink in. In the end, it was a no brainer to say yes to this massive opportunity.”

FaZe Clan utilises Dörr Esports for ESL R1 entry
FaZe Clan ESL R1 team, minus Ian “Crimsix” Porter

FaZe Clan may be new to sim racing; however, the popular esports group out of Los Angeles, California has racked up 37 titles across a variety of games. Including Counter-Strike, which happens to play a big part in Müller’s journey, too.

“A little side fact…I visited ESL Cologne in 2022 to watch a bit of CS with some friends and I wanted to buy a FaZe jersey because they are a team I have supported for quite a while now,” the German reflected.

“Sadly, back then it was sold out. But it seems to me that I’ve got a second chance to get a jersey. I definitely can’t wait to start racing for FaZe Clan!”

Both Müller and his teammate, Tim Jarschel, are on loan from Dörr Esports and will be making their ESL R1 debut this weekend as Round 1 and 2 take place at the IEM Expo Katowice in Poland from 11th to 12th February, 2023.

The latest sim to take the world by storm, Rennsport, will be on full display and Jarschel is looking forward to the overall experience.

“I think it is a great development that big organizations such as ESL are getting involved with sim racing, hosting championships and hopefully generating a lot of reach for the sport.

“Mentioning Rennsport, I am looking to gain a better impression of the sim as the season is progressing.”

Tim Jarschel driving a simulator for Dörr Esports
Tim Jarschel driving a simulator for Dörr Esports

Jarschel admits he’s fresh to the platform, and given the simulator is still in the developing stages, it’s understandable how some drivers have yet to truly dive in.

His teammate Müller adds that he loves to test out new things.

“Rennsport itself has a unique feeling of driving, which is interesting to explore. The models of the cars look nice; the tracks look amazing, too.

“Furthermore, for me, Rennsport is easy to use. Even though it’s still in a very early state. Yes, there are some things which aren’t at the top level, but you always need something where you can improve at. I am quite confident that they will solve out every issue, as they are improving the game day-by-day.”

Both Dörr Esports dudes are hyped for the event, nonetheless.

“I know what I am capable of and I am really aiming for some of the spots at the front of the grid once I get into the rhythm,” said Jarschel.

“It is an honour to compete for FaZe in their sim racing premier, that’s why I don’t want to disappoint. Having a teammate from Dörr Esports by my side definitely helps to prepare for and fulfil that goal.”

For Müller, his full-circle moment comes at ESL R1 as he finally has the chance to wear a FaZe jersey. Not only as a fan, but as an actual FaZe Clan sim racer.

The Dörr Esports team give a cheer while standing in front of two sim rigs
The Dörr Esports team is incredibly wholesome

“Besides the desire to win, I definitely want to enjoy this whole experience as much as I can. This moment will last forever in my head and I will give 110% to reach everything I can. I want to look back and be proud of what I accomplished here.

“Additionally, I really want to thank my team at Dörr Esports for allowing me to take part in this amazing series. I hope that the viewers and fans will enjoy this tournament as much as I will. See you in Katowice!”

A dream is truly just a dream until one day, it’s reality.

Good luck to FaZe Clan and all the ESL R1 teams this weekend. Be sure to keep it pinned to Traxion.GG for any updates.

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