Forza Horizon 4 Series 32 revealed, may release soon

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Forza Horizon Season 32 Update

It’s the dawn of a new month, and for Forza Horizon 4 players, that means new challenges in the form of an updated Festival Playlist series. As is the norm, Series 32 will include new events across four seasons, each season lasting one week. But it also includes some seriously rare cars that haven’t been seen for a while and two brand-new Mustangs to collect.

Oh, and it may release on Thursday 11th February, and it also may not. A strange set of circumstances, more on that later. But first, shiny new things!

Ford Mustang GT500 Forza Horizon 4

First up, the 2020 Ford Mustang GT500 will now be in the game, and you can collect it by completing a Season Event during the Summer week. Once you have snagged your new ‘Stang, you can use it for the Photo Challenge to earn a Super Wheelspin. The GT500 is the ultimate road-going production Mustang, featuring a 760 bhp supercharged V8 engine and, for the first time ever in a pony car, a dual-clutch paddle-operated gearbox. It’s a serious machine, so will be well worth collecting in-game.

Ford Shelby 1000 Forza Horizon 4

This is followed up by the Shelby 1000. This is a tuned Mustang, based on the fifth-generation muscle car, which was the last to use leaf spring rear suspension which is essential horse and cart technology. So of course, it has 1,000 bhp. Mad. You can pick this up by completing a Season Event in the Spring Festival Playlist.

One big highlight in the Series include the return of the Nissan Pulsar GTI-R in Spring, a car that isn’t available through the regular Autoshow, often reaches prices of up to two million credits through the Auction House and has only been on the playlist three times since game update 22. The Ford Racing Puma is another equally rare beast that makes an appearance during the Autumn season.

Forza Horizon Season 32 Summer

Other highlights include the Summer Showcase Remix event that takes The Flying Scotsman Showcase and switches the Ariel Nomad with a Ford Anglia. Called ‘Nine & Three Quarters’, there are serious Harry Patter vibes to this challenge.

One way of helping you earn additional credits and influence in the game is by using a ‘Forza Edition’ vehicle, and they regularly appear within the seasonal events. In Spring, for example, the FE edition cars on offer are the Alfa Romeo 8C and the Land Rover Series III. The problem is, there just hasn’t been enough FE cars since the initial launch batches, which means things are getting a little stale for players who aren’t new to the game. Perhaps it’s time to cycle these out of the rotation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Season 32 is set to launch on Thursday 11th February, but Tom Butcher, Senior Producer at Playground Games, revealed that there is a technical problem with the season and it may not launch on time. If they miss the deadline, a back-up season will be available instead.

If you like the sound of the new events, rewards and cars in Season 32, fingers crossed it arrived soon! As always, we’ll let you know as soon as it is confirmed.

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