Formula Retro Racing: World Tour’s special edition includes bonus content

Thomas Harrison-Lord
In this instance published by Numskull Games, the beguiling retro racer has added further tracks for its retail release.
Formula Retro Racing - World Tour's physical release includes bonus content

An arcade racing game in the truest sense – there are checkpoints and even a cabinet for VR players – Formula Retro Racing: World Tour is now available in physical form.

The indie game, developed in collaboration with Repixel8 and CGA Studio, was released earlier this year with approachable vehicle handling and vibrant, retro-enthused, visuals. We were quite the fans.

Now, for the retail release, six additional tracks have been added and judging by the trailer, one appears to be the Monaco-themed venue from the original Formula Retro Racing. Some reverse layouts have also been included.

A cockpit camera has also been thrown in, previously reserved only for virtual reality gameplay. Finally, this Special Edition includes two game art stickers.

Formula Retro Racing - World Tour Monaco

It’s available right now for £34.99/€39.99/$39.95 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 within Europe. Those in the United States can pick up a copy on 12th December 2023.

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