Formula E Accelerate’s Rome qualifiers this week

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The second round of qualifying events for the electric esports competition is about to commence.
Formula E Accelerate's Rome qualifiers this week

Following qualifying around the streets of Berlin, those interested in making the in-person London finale for Formula E’s racing esports competition must head to a virtual Rome this week.

Open qualifying within PC simulator rFactor 2 will run between 7th-9th July, with participants registering via Grid Finder and joining the competition’s Discord. From there, the top 88 drivers will be placed into qualifying races on 11th July. There will be three of these, with the top 22 drivers (based on accumulated points) heading into the Rome Major on 15th July.

Gen3 Formula E car rFactor 2

The major will feature a full real-world Formula E format, which means the field is split into two groups followed by head-to-head duels for qualifying, followed by a race.

The top 11 drivers, again based on points, across the previous Berlin Major and next week’s Rome Major will make up the grid for the championship-deciding finale, held during the London E-Prix between 29th-30th July.

The prize pool will be divided into €10,000 for each of the two rounds and the London final, plus an additional €10,000 split up based upon the overall standings. All participants must be over the age of 16 and based within Europe. It’s expected that the final will be broadcast live via the Formula E YouTube channel.

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