Ford’s futuristic P1 concept appears in GRID Legends

Ford's futuristic P1 concept appears in GRID Legends

The Team Fordzilla P1, or TFZ-P1, is now driveable within GRID Legends, and the car is free for all players.

Alongside the paid-for, premium, Classic Car-Nage DLC a free new car has been added to GRID Legends, and it’s rather unique.

The Team Fordzilla P1, or TFZ-P1, is the result of a Ford design competition. Arturo Ariño exterior and Robert Engelmann’s interior were the winning themes, later combined into a life-size concept model after receiving over 250,000 votes on social media.

This is now driveable for the first time for public players – there was a specially developed playable mod for recent Team Fordzilla events – within GRID Legends as of today’s, 21st June 2022, update.

TFZ-P1 GRID Legends

This in turn will be used for an in-game monthly challenge, via the means of an online leaderboard, between 23rd June and 29th July. Visitors to the Goodwood Festival of Speed event in the UK this week will also have the opportunity to sit inside the life-size TFZ-P1 and use it to drive the vehicle within GRID Legends.

Team Fordzilla is the Ford Motor Company’s own sim racing esports team, and it currently contests in competitions such as Formula Pro Series, Le Mans Virtual Series, V10 R-League and the ADAC GT Masters Esports Championship among many others.

Ford's futuristic P1 concept appears in GRID Legends 02

“We want people to experience the excitement of driving a Ford wherever they are and on whatever platform they play. I hope gamers everywhere enjoy our new racer and, for those racing enthusiasts attending Goodwood, they will even be able to drive it in the game while sitting in the actual car,” said Boris Ferko, Design Manager, Ford of Europe.

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