First patch released for Hot Wheels Unleashed

First patch released for Hot Wheels Unleashed

The first official patch for Hot Wheels Unleashed was dropped on Wednesday, optimizing the game on all releases except for the Nintendo Switch. Get ready to update if you are on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or on PC via Steam or Epic Games.

The main feature of the update that I noticed off the bat were the added shortcuts when in the Hot Wheels City Rumble. Before the patch, if you got a blind box or wanted to check your collection, you needed to exit the mode and go back to the main menu. Now, they are options on the mini map.

Besides that, it’s not too big of an update. With a download size of 476.7 MB on Steam and no new content, this is more of a maintenance-type of update that hopefully just makes things smoother from here on out.

While there’s not a full changelog, there are some key areas which have been mentioned in the update, listed below. The version numbers have also been listed below that.

  • Added some filters to the Community Tracks and Liveries.
  • Added shortcuts to the Store and Collection in the “Hot Wheels City Rumble” menu.
  • Improved UI for the “Add-ons” page.
  • Added new functionalities to the news box in the main menu.
  • Added support for the “Racing Season”.
  • Fixed some bugs to improve stability.
  • Minor fixes to the UI.
  • PS4 EU/US Version 01.03
  • PS5 EU/US Version 01.004.000
  • XONE/XSX Version
  • PC Steam / PC Epic (no versions listed)
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