FIA-backed Northern European Esports Masters iRacing series unveiled with €12,500 prize pool 

A new Time Attack and race series has been launched for Northern European players on iRacing, featuring a prize pool of €12,500.
FIA-backed Northern European Esports Masters iRacing series unveiled with €12,500 prize pool

A new iRacing Time Attack series with a unique twist has begun, pitting the Northern European nations of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and the United Kingdom against each other (apologies to our Belgian and Danish readers). 

The Northern European Esports Masters (NEEM) series’ six rounds are broken down into a two-stage format, with an opening Time Attack hotlapping competition giving way to a ‘Clash of Nations’ race open to each nation’s fastest qualifiers. Everyone who participates – entries are open to anyone from the qualifying nations – can potentially contribute to their country’s points total. 

iRacing, NEEM, Motorsport UK

Based on Time Attack positions, racers are divided into five separate splits (depending on numbers) where they will race to benefit their country’s points tally.  

NEEM is organised by the Dutch national motorsport governing body – the KNAC National Autosport Federation – and receives official backing from the FIA. However, those wishing to take part must sign up for a free NEEM account.

Participants can run as many laps as they like, with any of iRacing’s roster of GT4 cars available to choose from. 

Aston Martin Vantage GT4 iRacing
iRacing’s Aston Martin Vantage GT4

Motorsport UK membership for British NEEM participants

UK-based players wishing to take part will first need to register for a Motorsport UK Esports Membership priced at £24.99 per year, with Norwegians also requiring Norges Bilsportforbund membership to participate in the Clash of Nations races. All other nationalities can participate without extra memberships or costs.

Motorsport UK Esports Membership grants several benefits, including discounts on sim racing products and services and access to special Motorsport UK-sanctioned esports events, something we discussed with Motorsport UK Esports Manager Paul Crawford earlier this year.

iRacing, NEEM, Motorsport UK
NEEM’s format explained.

Prize money is allocated based on each Time Attack’s finishing positions, with first place receiving €120 down to €10 for 50th. The winning nation takes home a total of €2,500, while €10,000 has been allocated for Time Attack prizes throughout the season. 

The Northern European Esports Masters competition can be found in the Time Attack section of iRacing. For more information, visit the competition’s official website

Are you interested in taking part in this unique competition? Let us know in the comments below. 

Mercedes-AMG GT4 iRacing
iRacing’s Mercedes-AMG GT4.

Northern European Esports Masters calendar 

  • May 15, 00:00 – May 21, 23:59 GMT | Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (Endurance) 
  • June TBA 
  • September TBA 
  • October TBA 
  • November TBA 
  • December TBA 
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