Ferrari 296 GTB arrives in Fortnite

Ferrari 296 GTB arrives in Fortnite

The Ferrari 296 GTB is a new era for the fabled Maranello-based manufacturers, as it effectively replaces the staple mid-engine V8 supercars with a plug-in hybrid V6.

Now you can drive this exciting new vehicle in the virtual world for the first time, in your favourite hardcore simulator Fortnite.

But of course!

The update is now live across all Fortnite platforms and includes three Ferrari-themed Epic Quests: Complete Ferrari Time Trials, Reach Maximum Speed in A Ferrari and Drive a Ferrari through the Storm.

In this modern-era post-IPO Ferrari world, selling warehouses full of merchandise is more important than ever for the brand. Do you own a Ferrari mug? I thought so.

This continues within Fortnite, with a special Ferrari Bundle filled with the Modena Icon and Maranello Racer Outfits and the Ferrari Turbo Back Bling. Got to stick the Prancing Horse on everything.

Fortnite Ferrari clothing bundle

This move seems indicative of more non-racing games receiving automotive tie-ins. Think about the recent NASCAR, Ford and F1 Rocket League tie-ins, for example.

This is the first example of a real-world car replica in the popular Battle Royale title, after cars were added last year, and if it proves to be popular, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more in the future. To the game’s credit, the modelling is extremely detailed, and it’s clear that this is the result of a close development relationship.

To drive the car, you first must find it within the map and beat other players to it – happy hunting!

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