F1 Mobile Racing Update 30 adds Las Vegas, celebrates fifth anniversary  

Ross McGregor
F1 Mobile Racing’s Update 30 adds the Las Vegas Strip Street Circuit, new events and other quality of life improvements as it celebrates its fifth anniversary.
F1 Mobile Racing Update 30 adds Las Vegas, celebrates fifth anniversary  

iOS and Android game F1 Mobile Racing has announced the release of a new update today, 12th October 2023. 

Update 30 sees the introduction of the Las Vegas Strip Street Circuit to the popular free-to-play mobile title, with the game’s fifth anniversary celebrated by way of a series of special events. We set out all the new features below. 

Las Vegas Strip Street Circuit 

The Las Vegas Grand Prix is scheduled for Sunday the 19th of November, with the Formula 1 circus set to blast past the Bellagio Hotel and more other Sin City landmarks through an intense 50-lap race. 

The track is available to try in a time-limited event – alongside Qatar’s Losail Circuit – with rewards like themed liveries up for grabs. 

F1 Mobile Racing, Update 30

New Events 

To celebrate F1 Mobile Racing’s fifth anniversary there’s a free event to take part in, with profile banners and avatars as rewards, alongside an ownable special livery for your Technical Regulations car. 

Three new Showdown events have also been added, giving players the chance to win a one-off fifth anniversary-themed helmet. The in-game F1 Mobile Racing shop also has a sale on Legendary car parts, so now’s a good time to upgrade your racer. 

Daily Parts 

Speaking of which, the shop will also offer a range of discounted performance and staff buffs from this point on, ranging from Common to Legendary status, encouraging players to check in each day to nab a bargain. 

At least four performance parts and two staff parts will be available each day, with players able to shuffle the available stock up to five times per day by watching an ad. The parts list will refresh every day. 

Quality of Life changes 

Players will now receive rewards for merely participating in an event. The first round of events is also now free to enter if an active event includes more than one Grand Prix. Progressing beyond this point requires payment of an entry fee. 

Developers Eden Games, Codemasters and Electronic Arts have adjusted fast-track research times to speed up the rate of progress for players. Fast-tracking now removes 30 minutes or more for each box type. 

F1 Mobile Racing, Update 30

A new paddock box type has also been added, offering a one-hour research time. The percentage chance of receiving higher quality parts is commensurate with the players’ levels. 

Are you looking forward to sampling the new Las Vegas Strip Street Circuit in F1 Mobile Racing? Let us know in the comments below. 

F1 Mobile Racing Update 30 changelog  

General Fixes: 

  • Fixed an issue where some cars’ DRS animation would appear incorrectly. 
  • Fixed an issue where a player would sometimes not receive the correct rewards when ending a Pro League season. 
  • Fixed the issue with Scuderia Ferrari car number 55 (Carlos Sainz) where the middle hazard light was sometimes not blinking correctly in wet conditions. 
  • Fixed issue where the Engine Audio would not be present after entering the settings menu during on-boarding. 
  • Fixed the issue where the race would resume after the first ERS tutorial, even though the second tutorial was present on the screen. 
  • Fixed an issue where the ERS tutorial would incorrectly highlight the ERS gauge in some aspect ratios. 
  • Fixed an issue with the steering wheel display where some numbers for the selected gear were too close and slightly overlapping. 
  • Fixed issue where “x2 cars” are seen instead of “x1 car” and “x1 chassis part” in the purchase animation for McLaren Formula 1 Team and Williams Racing cars. 
  • Fixed issue where a player would see exactly double their total scored points at the end of the event rewards animation. 
  • Fixed issue when purchasing a new car, the previous cars’ equipped R&D parts are equipped in the deck. 
  • Fixed the issue where the text “5 Free Rewards” on the ad-streak icon is not translated in real-time if the player changes their in-game localisation. 
  • Fixed the issue where the reconnection pop-up is present for a short period when the player joined any Hotlap event.    
F1 Mobile Racing, Update 30


  • Fixed an issue where the challenge “Open [X] Boxes Using Fast Track” was not correctly tracking progress. 
  • Fixed issue where the “Claim your Free Reward in the shop” challenge was present in the daily challenges tab with an infinite spinner and 99999 values. 
  • Fixed an issue where the “Collect [X] Parts challenge” was not progressing correctly when the player claimed the parts through an end-of-the-event reward box. 
  • Fixed issue where if the challenge claim button was tapped rapidly in quick succession, the XP reward given was only reflected after a reboot. 
  • Fixed issue where upon claiming the “Reach League 3” challenge would cause multiple “Reach league [X] challenges” appear. 

Career Mode: 

  • Fixed the issue where the “Insufficient Tokens” pop-up message would not appear in Career Mode when the player does not have enough Tokens to repair the car. 
  • Fixed the issue where Career Mode would not correctly end the first time a player retired from a season. 
  • Fixed the issue where only one reward was displayed in the Career Mode End of Season rewards instead of the five actually received. 
  • Fixed an issue with the “Challenger I” text for the Williams Racing Requisite, which was displayed incorrectly. 

Circuit Improvements: 

  • Fixed an issue in Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari (Imola) where a duplicate DRS board was present at Turn 15. 
  • Updated Suzuka International Racing Course (Japan) DRS position to align with real-world track changes. 
  • Updated Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya (Spain) final sector to align with real-world track changes. 
  • Fixed DRS zone placement for the Lusail International Circuit (Qatar) mini-map. 
  • Fixed missing braking markers on Lusail International Circuit (Qatar). 
  • Fixed issue on Lusail International Circuit (Qatar) Turn 9 where a light was incorrectly placed. 
  • Fixed issue where rumble strips on Lusail International Circuit (Qatar) would cause aggressive shaking when crossing rumble strips on low-end devices.  

Additional Improvements: 

  • Fixed an issue where some circuits would be downloaded on a player’s first boot after updating the game, causing the “What’s New” to be delayed/missed. 
  • Improved the performance gain from “Perfect Start” when compared to “Good Start”.  
  • Further improvements and stability quality for Low-quality devices. 
  • Fixed issue on Low-quality devices where it was possible to see through the Oracle Red Bull Racing and MoneyGram Haas F1 Team car chassis when in cockpit view and the halo column was disabled. 
  • Improved cockpit camera view in all cars so they are more uniform. 
  • Improved device performance on Lusail International Circuit (Qatar).   
  • Fixed issue where some Pro League UI did not correctly fit specific aspect ratios. 
  • Improved performance for the Samsung Galaxy S21+ device when making sharp turns.   
  • Fixed issue when the joining an event text had overlaps when in Spanish localisation. 
  • Fixed overlap for daily challenges text when in German localisation. 
  • Fixed the issue where the text on the counter for McLaren Formula 1 Team car lending was overlapping in German localisation. 
  • Fixed an issue where the account deletion pop-up could be easily dismissed by clicking anywhere on the screen. 
  • Updated the logo for X (formerly known as Twitter) throughout the game. 
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