F1 Manager 2022’s driver ratings revealed

The baseline overall rating for the Formula 1 grid has been revealed within the upcoming F1 Manager 2022 game, alongside the factors used to determine each score.
F1 Manager 2022's driver ratings revealed

Always a topic that sparks debate, the driver ratings have been revealed for the upcoming F1 Manager 2022.

Ultimately, an overall rating from a possible score of 100 will determine general proficiency, but how the team got to that number was based on real-world Formula 1 data and across nine differing skill categories.

  • Cornering – The cornering rating influences the speed drivers will be able to carry through slow, medium and high-speed corners.
  • Braking – Drivers with a high rating in this stat are able to brake later and are less likely to suffer a lock-up.
  • Reactions – Drivers with a higher reaction stat will have stronger race starts and accelerate out of corners earlier.
  • Accuracy – A high accuracy rating will result in the driver sticking closer to the ideal racing line during sessions and reduces the likelihood of them running wide.
  • Control – Drivers with a high control rating are less likely to make errors such as lock ups, spins and crashes.
  • Smoothness – The smoothness rating influences how a driver is able to manage their tyre wear throughout a session.
  • Adaptability – A high adaptability rating allows a driver to find grip during variable track conditions.
  • Overtaking – Drivers who have a high overtaking rating are more likely to be successful in their overtaking attempts.
  • Defending – A high defending rating allows a driver to protect their position on track, making it more difficult for rivals to overtake.
F1 Manager 2022 driver ratings and rankings

The management title will not only include the current F1 grid but reserve drivers plus Formula 2 and Formula 3 stars. Alongside those behind the wheel, team members are also represented, and each squad’s Race Engineer, Head of Aerodynamics and Technical Chief will also feature attribute ratings.

Driver and personnel development

During a race, each driver is said to have their own unique driving style, based upon the attribute scoring. Off-track personnel’s ratings affect the amount of data gathered, for example.

F1 Manager 2022 driver scouting

The figures revealed today (19th July 2022) are only the overall ratings, with the figures for the nine categories yet to be revealed. They are also baseline start figures. As you progress across multiple seasons, drivers and staff will gain experience, generating development points to improve any of their attributes. Facility upgrades will also have an impact on progression.

F1 Manager 2022 race engineer score

Separate aggression rating

In addition to the nine main ranking factors mentioned above, each driver has their own aggression value which determines how likely they are to attempt an overtaking manoeuvre during a race, even if there’s the risk of a racing incident.

F1 Manager 2022 Felipe Drugovich

Drivers retire

As the season count in F1 Manager 2022 can be up to as many as 50, older figures will retire. These will be replaced by fictionalised team members and drivers.

F1 Manager 2022 Pit crew ratings

However, the stats will still apply, so the skills of spotting a talented youngster should still be important, especially considering younger drivers can develop at a quicker rate in-game than the elder statespeople. This is measured by a Growth Potential rating.

The full stat list so far is below, let us know in the comments what you think of the ratings. F1 Manager 2022 launches 30th August for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, or 25th August for digital pre-orders.

F1 Manager 2022 overall driver ratings

DriverOverall rating
Max Verstappen90
Lewis Hamilton90
Charles Leclerc88
Carlos Sainz Jr.87
Sergio Pérez87
Valtteri Bottas87
George Russell86
Lando Norris86
Fernando Alonso85
Esteban Ocon85
Pierre Gasly84
Daniel Ricciardo84
Sebastian Vettel82
Alex Albon81
Kevin Magnussen80
Lance Stroll79
Zhou Guanyu79
Yuki Tsunoda77
Mick Schumacher76
Nicholas Latifi73

F1 Manager 2022 reserve driver overall ratings

DriverOverall rating
Antonio Giovinazzi78
Nico Hülkenberg76
Oscar Piastri75
Nyck de Vries74
Sébastien Buemi72
Stoffel Vandoorne72
Robert Kubica69
Liam Lawson68
Jack Aitken66
Pietro Fittipaldi66
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