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F1 Manager 2022 launches online driver database comparison tool

F1 Manager 2022 launches online driver database comparison tool

A new website to compare and contrast the Formula 1, 2 and 3 drivers in F1 Manager 2022 is now available to visit from Frontier Developments.

Current and prospective players of F1 Manager 2022 will now have another tool at their disposal to help set their perfect driver lineup as Frontier Developments unveiled their new Online Driver Database website on Friday (16th December).

The new research-forward database has every driver available in the title for Formula 1, 2 and 3 rosters. There are nine different ranked categories, each scored based on real-world data, plus an overall rating that ties the other ratings together.

These ratings are what prospective Team Principals will start with as they begin their managing career. Over the course of time, the ratings will change based on results and progression within the game.

While you can compare up to three drivers at a time on the program, there are still the other factors included with scouting and the computer-generated driver’s interest of racing for your team. Essentially, it is a great tool to get to know the drivers, to start to make decisions for the future of your team.

Drivers will be rated based on Cornering, Braking, Reactions, Control, Smoothness, Adaptability, Overtaking, Defending and Accuracy. So while some drivers might be better in some areas at first, perhaps it’s not what your team needs depending on where you sit on the grid on car speed.

It’s all one big 4D chess game, managing a Formula 1 team, and this is just another helpful tool that could help prospective principals get a leg up on the competition. The website is live and functional now… will you be utilizing it in your F1 Manager 2022 career? Let us know down below!

SOURCE: F1 Manager 2022

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