F1 22

F1 22’s Lee Mather explains how the Formula 1 games are evolving | Traxion.GG Podcast S4 E8

Joining us today on the Traxion.GG Podcast is the Senior Creative Director for the new and upcoming official Formula 1 game – EA SPORTS F1 22.

Lee Mather has been working on the F1 games now since the very first one created by Codemasters, F1 2010. With over a decade’s experience working on these titles, we thought there was no one better to discuss F1 22 with.

In this chat, we will discuss some key elements, like who made the VR functionality, how the online cross-platform multiplayer will work and how the development team is structured to create large yearly games.

We talk about the big new F1 22 features too, of course, but I hope you gain additional insight into the game’s creation.

A quick note, the was recorded before we went hands-on with an early work in progress of the game, but we do have in the show notes a link to several articles on the Traxion.GG website and videos on the YouTube channel with further details and our impressions.

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