F1 22’s cross-platform online play arrives this week, 1.09 update out now

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Version 1.09 for the F1 22 game zaps some bugs and sets the title up for cross-platform online play later this week.
F1 22's cross-platform online play arrives this week, update out today

A fresh update has landed for EA SPORTS F1 22 has landed today, 22nd August, and it includes various fixes for several important elements – but also comes with the announcement that cross-platform online play will arrive this week.

The exact day is not yet known, but following two test periods where those on PC, PlayStation and Xbox could race together, the full roll-out is set to be “later this week” according to Electronic Arts.

Let those open lobby accidents become even more voluminous…

F1 22, version 109 update

On the fix list the automatic gearbox option now shifts up quicker, instead of hanging at the redline, and if you’ve switched off the formation laps tyre temperatures should no long be stone cold at the start of a race.

Sometimes radio commands to your race engineer were disabled after using a flashback, and multiple penalties were handed out for cutting Turn 4 in Australia. In theory, both bugs have now been vaporized.

There are several other smaller tweaks enacted, with the full list below. After cross-play has been enabled, we expect further tracks not on the current Formula 1 season calendar to be added and a 2022-season Formula 2 update. Errors such as Quick Practice over-wearing power units and Heusinkveld pedals only having a 50 per cent deadzone are still on the ‘investigating’ list.

F1 22 version 1.09 update changelog

  • Fixed an issue where the automatic gearbox hits rev-limiter for too long before upshifting
  • Fixed an issue that caused radio commands to be disabled after using Flashback in certain circumstances
  • Tyre temperatures are now correct when starting a race with no formation lap in offline modes
  • Fixed an issue where players can receive incorrect penalties at Turn 4 of Australia
  • Improved logic on AI leaving pit lane at Paul Ricard
  • Lowered the threshold for enabling/disabling DRS in changeable conditions
  • Fixed an issue where races cannot start when host spectates formation lap in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to see other drivers’ lap times in Race Director
  • Fixed an issue where cars with maximum downforce upgrades may incorrectly experience high tyre temperatures
  • Fixed an issue where changes to race style settings and AI difficulty in Career mode may reset on game launch
  • Fixed a timing issue causing incorrect sector and lap times when using Broadcast formation lap
  • Renewing sponsorship contract on the same day as a Department Event can no longer be exceptionally long
  • Fixed an issue where, in specific graphic settings, transparent boxes were sometimes appearing in-game
  • General stability improvements
  • Various minor fixes

F1 22 issuing being investigated, 22nd August 2022


  • GPU usage in menus (PC)
  • Audio stuttering issues
  • Players getting stuck in ‘season break’ during two-player Career
  • AI can backout on overtakes too easily
  • Heusinkveld pedals have a 50% brake deadzone
  • Quick Practice over-wears the entire Power Unit
  • Inconsistent force feedback when using a controller (PC)
  • Sponsor logos do not appear in replays on the Player Car


  • Driver number 23 is incorrectly available for use 
  • Engineer incorrectly states DSQ’d cars are still running

Sources: EA and EA

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