F1 2021 game Podium Pass Series 2 released

From now until 10th November, F1 2021 Podium Pass Series 2 gives players the chance to unlock tons of new customization options.

24 new series challenges await, as well as another eight VIP challenges for the first of eight weeks in Series 2. Completing these challenges will earn XP to continue forward through the tiers.

Some of the featured VIP content you can unlock includes the ‘Streamline’ livery and suit, the ‘Nightshade’ livery and the ‘Backstrap’ helmet. There are other free tier items like the ‘Vintage’ livery and the ‘History’ gloves and suit.

If you opt for the Podium Pass VIP status, it will only cost 9,000 PitCoin. Some items may also be unlocked with PitCoin in the Item Shop.

If customization is your thing, it looks like a great deal of fun to unlock and own some of these things. Poses, emotes and radio calls are also on the menu alongside the helmets, gloves, suits and liveries. Interestingly, the radio celebration “To whom it may concern…” – made famous by Valtteri Bottas in Australia 2019 and Russia 2020 – is part of the VIP tier.

Check out what you can earn the next time you open your F1 2021 program. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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