rFactor 2’s eX ZERO electric car receives an update


The RCCO eX ZERO is not your normal car. As we mentioned at its initial release back in December, it’s a fantasy electric car that hopes to one day be a “real” series but is starting with a virtual approach. The car is available as paid DLC from the rFactor 2 store on Steam.

You can watch John’s review of the eX Zero car on Traxion’s YouTube channel.

Since then, behind the scenes, the developers appear to have been hard at work with some further updates to the car ahead of its use in the RCCO World eX Championship – an esports series due to start on 11th March.

The biggest change is in the braking department. You can now regenerate electricity/power on the brakes. Previously, you would only be able to expend energy rather than harvest it and run different modes to regen higher levels. This update to the car now means that racing the car becomes a more interesting tactical battle with your opponents as you attempt to preserve power and deploy it at the most efficient time during the race.

Other significant changes include the aerodynamics. The amount of dirty air when you follow another car has been reduced whilst simultaneously the draft/slipstream effect has been increased. In theory this should make it much easier to pass your opponents.

There are also a number of cosmetic changes. Our favourite is that you can customise the LED lights in the vehicle config file – who knew RGB cars would become a thing? There are also new rain wipers and associated animations.

You can check out the full developer blog on the Studio 397 / rFactor 2 website or read below for the patch notes for eX Zero v 1.33:

Changelog / Update Notes – RCCO eX ZERO 2021 v1.33:

  • Added regen on braking
  • All new wiper and animation
  • eX Logo now lit / front and rear
  • Front LED lights colour configurable in the vehicle file
  • Default skins now have LED colours to match livery
  • Added regen sound interior and exterior
  • Added more slipstream
  • Even less dirty air
  • Tire change 6 secs (should now be fixed)
  • Attempted fix for less vibration in the steering
  • Dash rev lights and graph now match 15,000 RPM
  • Added new default setup based on test session
  • Fix to reduce high revving in neutral and then shifting into 1st gear
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