Euro Truck Simulator 2’s v1.48 Open Beta has begun, featuring extensive overhaul of German cities  

Ross McGregor
SCS Software has unveiled the v1.48 Open Beta for Euro Truck Simulator 2, adding UI improvements and a rework of five German cities.
Euro Truck Simulator 2, v1.48 Open Beta

Just like its stablemate American Truck Simulator, SCS Software’s Euro Truck Simulator 2 has entered its v1.48 Open Beta phase. 

The Open Beta allows players to get a sneaky peak of the improvements coming to the v1.48 update and advise the developers on any bugs they encounter or suggest other enhancements. 

The headline feature of Euro Truck Simulator’s (ETS 2) v1.48 Open Beta is the reworking of the German cities of Hamburg, Winsen, Travemunde, Kiel and Rostock, bringing them up to the high artwork standards the Czech developer has strived for in recent times. 

Euro Truck Simulator 2, v1.48 Open Beta

The freshen-up includes new road networks, landmarks and additional industries for players to deliver to and from. 

Also set for v1.48 are the additions of anti-lock braking systems and traction control to the game menu, helping control heavily laden trucks on both steep climbs and dangerous descents. 

Euro Truck Simulator 2, v1.48 Open Beta

In terms of the game’s UI, SCS plans to upgrade its in-game controller input wizard system, restructure the way mod files work with multiple DLCs and enhance the way players’ map exploration is tracked, among other improvements. 

The v1.48 Open Beta is available to try now for PC via Steam. To sample it, right-click on the game icon in your Steam Library, select ‘Properties’, then ‘Betas’ and pick the ‘Public Beta 1.48’ option. 

Euro Truck Simulator 2, v1.48 Open Beta

Unfortunately, there’s no word on a release date for the game’s West Balkans DLC pack but we’ll be sure to report on it when we know the details. 

Will you be giving ETS 2’s v1.48 Open Beta a try? Let us know in the comments below. 

Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.48 Open Beta changelog  


  • Germany Rework  


  • Electronic Stability Controls (Anti-Lock Braking System + Traction Control) 
  • Reworked Vehicle Transport Trailers 


  • Per-Country Map Exploration 
  • Cities in the Gallery 
  • Options Sliders now feature numbers 
  • Input Wizard Control Selection UI Overhaul 


  • Third-Party Mod Structure Change 

Source: SCS Software

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