Enjoy an endless summer with Redout 2’s latest DLC

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Redout 2’s Summer Pack DLC features four new tracks, all available via single-player or multiplayer. It’s out now for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, Switch to follow.
Enjoy an endless summer with Redout 2's latest DLC

Winter is coming, but you can still hold onto those beautiful days spent at the beach with Redout 2’s latest update.

The Summer Pack DLC is highlighted by a freshly paved environment: the Caribbean Dam and features four new tracks—three base tracks and a boss track—that are all playable in reverse. You’ll also be afforded 29 unique career events, as well as 30 flashy items (lively liveries, vibrant colours and cool cosmetic pieces).

Saber Interactive and 34BigThings absolutely nailed it with this high-speed anti-gravity racer and the latest update will surely resonate with passionate fans, since multiplayer lobbies have access to the updated content.

And guess what? All players involved in a party can race the additional tracks, given at least one person in said party has bought the DLC.

Redout 2 Summer DLC gameplay

Redout 2’s Summer Pack DLC is now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store (and soon to Nintendo Switch, too)

A new patch was also released as of 20th October 2022 that essentially unlocks a variety of UI improvements and game fixes, which will be available to Switch users at a later date, as well.

For those who already hold a Season Pass, the DLC is included for free. If not, no sweat! Standalone purchases are available for £8.59/9.99€/$9.99.

Redout 2 20th October update changelog

New Environment:

  • Caribbean Dam

New Features

  • Added the ability to choose lap count for all races in private multiplayer sessions
  • Added Quick Restart option to Time Attack races
  • Added a new widget to display the music track played during races


  • 100+ aesthetic rewards have now been unlocked
  • Fixed an issue with players sometimes clipping through the tracks on Tartarus
  • Fixed the naming of rewards being misleading after the completion of a race
  • Fixed players being kicked out from groups during multiplayer races
  • Fixed instances where assisted controls are not behaving correctly on reverse tracks
  • Fixed an exploit where AI ships crash immediately on Cloud Ocean – Mistral Reverse
  • Fixed instances where achievements were not unlocking for:
     “Fashion Racer”
     “Try Them All”
     “Sweats Profusely”
     “Grand Slam”
  • Additional performance optimizations


  • Improvements to track design and signage on parts of Tartarus
  • Time Attack and Speed times were further refined in the campaign to be more accessible


  • Added a new UI element in track select that indicates the length of the track the player is about to race in (Short, Medium, Long, Extra Long)
  • Additional UI and UX improvements to the Photo Mode feature set
  • The campaign rewards UI now displays what team each reward is for
  • Added new effects when your craft is affected by environmental temperatures
  • Added option to disable Kinetic lines in the Options

Source: Saber support

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