World Rallycross Esports Qualifying Finals Kick-Off

DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series 2020 – Rallycross Qualifying Finals

The first of 3 opportunities to qualify for the Semi-Finals, Qualifying Final 1 got the DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Season 2 underway for Rallycross in September. A number of the 2019 stars including Killian and Quentin Dall’Olmo, Dorian Baptiste and Alexandre Hus all jumped at the first opportunity to qualify in what was an explosive return for the series.

For the Qualifying Finals in Rallycross, each platform compete on a different track and car class. Each event compromises 3 qualifying races where points are awarded, the total after the 3 races determines the starting order for the final race.

PC (Steam)

On Steam, returning DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series 2019 Rallycross Champion, Killian Dall’Olmo, would be attempting to repeat his success, while his brother Lucas would also be in the same Qualifying Final.

The action began in earnest with all 3 qualifying races providing action from the start around the spectacular Hell Circuit. Penalties in 2 qualifying races for Killian meant he would start 4th for the final, meanwhile Louis Lejeune would start on pole after 2 wins.

After a clean start for all the competitors, Lucas Dall’Olmo dived from 2nd and made the call to Joker on lap 1, hoping the close battle ahead would work in his favour. Ultimately the strong pace upfront would prove too much, the move did allow him to pass and stay ahead of Daniel Johansson when he Jokered on lap 3.

Sensing an opportunity, Louis Lejeune made a huge move on Killian into turn 1 on lap 2, securing the lead which he never relieved. With the top 3 hanging on until the last lap to Joker, it was Sulyvann Pelletier in 3rd who was under pressure from a charging Lucas Dall’Olmo, but a last corner dive meant he kept a podium.

PlatformGamgertagReal NameNationalityResult
Steam L3JL0Louis LejeuneFrench1
Steam Killian DALL’OLMOKillian Dall’olmoFrench2
Steam Sulyvann PELLETIERSulyvann PelletierFrench3
Steam Lucas DALL’OLMOLucas Dall’OlmoFrench4
Steam TwoTwoOneDaniel JohanssonSwedish5


After close and frenzied racing in the Xbox Qualifying races, it was Lopez Ludovic who started from pole position for the final with Dorian Baptiste starting alongside.

Making the best of a poor grid position, Maxence Cosneau made a superb start and attempted a brave move around the outside into turn 1, briefly making the top 3 before losing the rear into turn 2 and dropping to last.

Also trying to capitalise during lap 1 was Jeffrey Page and Lopez Ludovic, both choosing to make an early Joker leaving Dorian Baptiste and Luc Fournier 1-2. However, bad luck would strike Luc on the next lap with a connection problem, briefly ghosting, which dropped him to last and off the pack.

With everyone else Jokered, Dorian kept a consistent strong pace and even after his pass through the Joker, he still came out with a demanding lead over fellow Semi-Finalist, Jeffrey Page.

PlatformGamgertagReal NameNationalityResult
XboxDibby04Dorian BaptisteFrench1
XboxAKRX jeff27Jeffrey PageFrench2
XboxEl TiotoLopez LudovicFrench3
XboxVRX PRIMITYMaxence CosneauFrench4
XboxOoo KiKi 62 ooOLuc FournierFrench5


PlayStation competitors were dealt the tricky Holjes Track, and immediately Quentin Dall’Olmo looked confident with 2 qualifying race wins, including a fantastic last corner move on Wesley Wickens. Quentin will start the Final on pole, alongside Ryohei Iwami after his lights-to-flag win in qualifying race 2.

The Final was a close encounter, with a chaotic first corner which left the order strewn. Geoffrey Bourlier and Alexandre Hus were the only two to not Joker, with Quentin already on the lead bumper by the end of lap 1. Alexandre then put in strong lap after strong lap, electing to wait until the last lap to Joker, the result paid off and not only manage to escape 3rd. Hus managed to come back out still in 1st, leading Quentin across the line.

PlatformGamgertagReal NameNationalityResult
PlayStationSDL_ShooTeuRAlexandre HusFrench1
PlayStationSDL_QuintoQuentin Dall’OlmoFrench2
PlayStationSHZ_RanofkaRyohei IwamiJapanese3
PlayStationGRT-ArrowwGeoffrey BourlierFrench4
PlayStationThatDoubleWWesley WickensBritish5

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