DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series 2020 – Rally Qualifying Finals get underway

DiRT Rallty 2.0 World Series Rally QF1

The DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Season 2 kicked off in September with the first of 3 live-streamed Qualifying Finals. This is the first opportunity for the rally competitors to earn their place in the Semi-finals, having already proven the quickest in the preceding online qualifying events.   

The rally competition began the action with a run through of 3 epic New Zealand stages, each with their own distinctive characteristics but unquestionably roads from down under.


On Xbox, there was one competitor in a class of their own, Jarod Pesch. Jarod, who took part in the World RX Esports Invitationals over summer, won all 3 stages convincingly and ended up a massive 12.7 seconds by the finish. The race for second was much closer, with 2nd – 5th separated by less than 1 second on 2 stages, but it was Karl Reinoja who pipped Robin Sieren by 0.5 seconds to secure the second spot in the Semi-Finals.

PlatformGamgertagReal NameNationalityResult
XboxJarod SP7Jarod PeschAustralian1
XboxROMEKREIGOKarl ReinojaEstonian2
XboxKickedInYOOORobin SierenGerman3
XboxKARLOSVANKOIván GarduñoMexican4
XboxPauloFRFGPaul BeghinFrench5
XboxASR Christo1Christopher FortunatoFrench6


PlayStation competitors were the next to tackle the challenging stages. Tiana Rakotonaivo took an early lead winning the first two stages, but the battle for second was where the action was with 2nd, 3rd and 4th separated by a mere 0.05 seconds after the first stage. The tight and technical sections in the final sectors of stage 3 spread the field out, leaving Robin Jonsson to secure the stage win, and guaranteed his place in the semi-final along with Tiana. An unlucky crash early in stage 1 unfortunately put Dorian Martin out of contention.

PlatformGamgertagReal NameNationalityResult
PlayStationERIX1770Tiana RakotonaivoOmani1
PlayStationxVZombieSlayaaVxRobin JonssonSwedish2
PlayStationSDL_QuintoQuentin Dall’Olmo French3
PlayStationQLS_NickardiNicoló ArdizzoneItalian4
PlayStationkazunokotaKazuho IwataJapanese5
PlayStationBSR_DINO83Dorian MartinFrench6

PC (Steam)

The final platform to run was Steam, and the heavyweight battle was between Joona Pankkonen and Lukáš Matěja. Joona, the Season 1 DRWS Champion, had a slow start to stage 1, but by the end of the 4.5 miles stage the advantage was just under 0.4 seconds. Stage 2 was just as close, with the top two separated by 0.2 seconds, this time Lukáš clinching the stage win. The wet conditions proved a challenge for Maxiem Wagenaar who had an off-track excursion down a slippery bank losing several seconds. Joona and Lukáš both go through the Semi-Finals after finishing 1-2 in stage 3, Lukáš showing his rear-wheel-drive control and a winning margin just over 1 second.

PlatformGamgertagReal NameNationalityResult
Steam CRsedmickyLukáš MatějaCzech1
Steam Joona PJoona PankkonenFinnish2
Steam DNC SkuzzaRay CobbingBritish3
Steam RainbowMaxiem WagenaarDutch4
Steam ROP_Tyoung972Dimitri BascouFrench5
Steam RobbanRobin BorgströmSwedish6
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