Csincsik takes maiden win as Simončič nets second of season in GT Pro Series

Csincsik takes maiden win as Simončič nets second of season in GT Pro Series

Two weeks ago witnessed a first occurrence for Jernej Simončič in GT Pro Series’ fourth season, as the Czech driver failed to take a podium in either race at Lime Rock Park. Nevertheless, his overall consistency still sees him as the person to beat heading into the second half of the calendar.

The fictional circuit of Loch Drummond played host for Round 4 of 6, based on the real-life location most famous for its castle. The question was who would be crowned kings of the circuit by the end of the evening?


After often being in the shadow of two-time race winner and stablemate Jiri Toman, it was time once again for Marcell Csincsik to shine as the Varga pilot took pole position in Scotland ahead of an anonymous thus far Nikodem Wisniewski, who himself had taken five previous victories in GT Pro.

Kevin Siggy looked particularly strong with third, as did Alex Siebel just one place behind the Austro-Slovenian. Last round’s pole-sitter was at it again as Ibraheem Khan’s hot form continued to round out the top five whilst championship leader Simončič would have to settle for ninth.

Sprint Race

Of all drivers to lose positions on the first lap, nobody would have expected Simončič’s start as the Burst pilot dropped two positions to Risto Kappet and Timotej Andonovski. Siebel and Yuri Kasdorp also found themselves gaining a place over Siggy and Dennis Jordan respectively.

Ten minutes would pass before the next bout of significant action; Simončič firing his way back into the top ten. This move would offset Kappet and allow Arne Schoonvliet the chance to pounce as well. Things would get even worse for the Estonian as he was mugged down the home straight – from 12th to 18th he fell.

Csincsik was utterly untouchable though and cruised home without effort ahead of Wisniewski and Siebel.

  1. Marcell Csincsik – Varga SimRacing – 13 LAPS
  2. Nikodem Wisniewski – Williams Esports
  3. Alex Siebel – Red Bull Racing Esports
  4. Kevin Siggy – BMW Team Redline
  5. Ibraheem Khan – Rocket Simsport
  6. Jiri Toman – Varga SimRacing
  7. Yuri Kasdorp – Red Bull Racing Esports
  8. Dennis Jordan – Red Bull Racing Esports
  9. Timotej Andonovski – Cetrez Nitor Velox 
  10. Jernej Simončič – Burst Esport
Marcell Csincsik - Varga SimRacing wins Sprint Race GT Pro Series Season 4 Loch Drummond

Main Race

Despite his disastrous end to the Sprint, Risto Kappet’s qualifying performance had bagged him pole position for the Feature. Unfortunately, his lead wouldn’t last two corners as Simončič wrestled first place off the Estonian. Sprint winner Csincsik meanwhile found himself in a nightmare after the dream first half of the evening; facing the wrong way after contact with Siggy. Lucky for him, the chasing pack corrected his course enabling him to remain in 12th overall.

Once again, it appeared that overtakes would only be possible through mistakes or the pitstop phase, but nobody predicted any of the frontrunners to dive in as early as Kasdorp did from third. 34 minutes would be a gamble in the quest for a successful undercut race. Sadly it would all be over before it truly began as the Dutchman was slapped with a speeding penalty.

Nevertheless, his boldness garnered a response from Kappet and Khan. The R8G pilot would repeat the same mistake as Kasdorp before him leaving the Rocket SimSport Aston Martin as the first frontrunner to complete a stop without the error in judgement. Out on track, further slip-ups were happening as the strong-starting Nuno Pinto threw away a potential top ten losing his Porsche through the chicane.

Porsche during Feature Race GT Pro Series Season 4 Loch Drummond

It would be stinging reading on the Red Bull Racing Esports and R8G pit walls to see both penalty-affected drivers ahead of Simončič after the championship leader’s own stop. The former outfit still had the second strategy up their sleeve running Dennis Jordan and Alex Siebel longer as they had done in Lime Rock Park to great effect.

With a good gap available, Jordan was brought in earlier than anticipated and ultimately it proved to be an excellent call. The German went immediately to work placing Toman under pressure and the grind paid off with a beautifully judged cutback through Turns 2 and 3. Behind, Siggy executed an almost identical manoeuvre on Khan. Both victorious drivers gained net second and fourth respectively.

Siebel’s stop came with 20 minutes left and the second Red Bull Racing Esports on the road found itself in with a similar challenge to Jordan before – there was a car to chase and pass in close proximity. On this occasion, the recently beaten Khan would be forced down another place within two laps.

Jernej Simončič - Burst Esport wins Sprint Race GT Pro Series Season 4 Loch Drummond

Once again, Red Bull Racing Esports seemed to have performed a strategy masterclass heading into the final 15 minutes. The pace of both leading cars was electric withSimončič barely keeping Jordan at bay and Siggy unable to withstand the assault of an eager Siebel. Alex was on a charge and a half, passing Toman for a podium on the stroke of ten minutes and then being released by Jordan to try and take down the leading Burst machine.

Simončič, however, demonstrated his potential title-winning credentials in order to hold on to the end, taking a crucially second win of the season ahead of the hard-charging Siebel and Jordan.

  1. Jernej Simončič – Burst Esport – 56 LAPS
  2. Dennis Jordan – Red Bull Racing Esports
  3. Alex Siebel – Red Bull Racing Esports
  4. Jiri Toman – Varga SimRacing
  5. Kevin Siggy – BMW Team Redline
  6. Ibraheem Khan – Rocket Simsport
  7. Marcell Csincsik – Varga SimRacing
  8. Nikodem Wisniewski – Williams Esports
  9. Joonas Raivio – BS+Competition
  10. Michi Hoyer – Burst Esport

In Conclusion

Just two rounds left and Jernej Simončič can taste the GT Pro Series crown. After another win, his chances look better than ever.

Spa-Francorchamps is up next on 4th October, so be sure to subscribe to Traxion.GG’s YouTube channel and ring that bell to not miss a beat!

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