Circuit Superstars v.0.2.0 arrives, adds new track and online friend lobbies

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Circuit Superstars Tilksport

Circuit Superstars, the top-down racer, continues to evolve through its Early Access period on PC, ahead of a complete release on consoles later this year.

A version 0.2.0 update arrived yesterday evening for those lucky enough to own the game at present and it adds a whole host of cool new features.

Chief of which is a new track, entitled Tilksport. The longest track so far, it features both asphalt and dirt surfaces, plus is available in three different configurations – Full, Club and Rally Cross. It expands the venue roster alongside Interstate, which was added early last month.

In terms of functionality, friend lobbies have been added for online play. Different from private lobbies, this allows you to group up with friends to matchmake together and then join other groups or solo players. You can now have up to 12 people in a lobby, up from six previously.

When in a race, track limit penalties are now adjusted to avoid obvious corner-cutting and wall riding will now see either vehicle damage or a penalty.

Other changes include online synchronisation improvements, more reliable ghosts and UI legend upgrades for enhanced readability.

The pace of development on display is impressive and it looks like the team at Original Fire Games is listening to the community and making swift changes. We can’t wait to see more of the game throughout the year.

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