Circuit Superstars Patch v.1.1.0 releases with reverse tracks and more

Justin Melillo
Circuit Superstars Patch v.1.1.0 releases with reverse tracks and more

Remember that Circuit Superstars blog post, The Road Ahead, which laid out what’s coming soon to the game, that we covered last week? As the Original Fire Games team said, soon is now, and we’ve got our first patch post-release for Circuit Superstars on Xbox and Steam PC.

Patch v.1.1.0 has brought a few of those future plans to the current day. Right off the bat, reversed tracks were mentioned as a significant addition to the game. New Reverse Tracks in Patch v.1.1.0 that are included are:

  • Whistle Valley
  • Sugar Hill
  • Maple Ridge
  • Rennvoort
  • Copperwood GP
  • Copperwood Club
  • Tilksport GP
  • Tilksport Club
  • Interstate
  • Siena

On top of the new backwards tracks, the patch also introduces Steam party invites and “Screen Space Steering” which allows players to steer in the direction relative to the screen, rather than the regular left-right scheme you’d find in a first-person racer as opposed to a top-down racer.

The dev team said that there will be more priorities that will be fleshed out soon. For now, it seems like there’s been a decent amount that’s been changed or fixed for the better.

Circuit Superstars Early Access Patch V.0.4.0 released

It was also revealed by Quadrant on Twitter last week that Square Enix and Original Fire Games sent over a prize to McLaren Formula 1 driver Lando Norris for winning the Star in a Reasonably Fast Car invitational event. They are looking for a couple hundred more retweets on the tweet below to get Norris to take a photo of him wearing the getup.

Honestly, it’s pretty sick. The open-faced helmet with the Circuit Superstars art on the back, and the goggles just make it perfect. Go ahead, retweet it. We’re all curious to see how Lando looks in a retro racing vibe.

Circuit Superstars update v.1.1.0 changelog

  • Replays now save on Xbox
  • Xbox Series X|S – Tire marks are now visible
  • 10 reversed track layouts
  • Sound improvements on Xbox (decreasing the possibility of a crackling sound experienced by some players)
  • Fixed an issue in which AI would sometimes not pit correctly
  • Fixed case of Whistle Valley corner cutting
  • Fixed Magdalena respawning issues
  • Fixed Performance issues on Siena, Lost Lagoons, and Faenza
  • Bumped max laps to 99 on PC
  • Rotated Siena’s perspective
  • Fixed bug where Euro Truck AI would take wrong path in Buffalo’s Mini Circuit
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