Reverse tracks and screen space steering coming soon to Circuit Superstars

Ross McGregor

Just over a month since top-down racer Circuit Superstars was released, developer Original Fire Games has announced some much-anticipated improvements for the near future and beyond.

The changes that really stand out for Circuit Superstars fans are the addition of reverse direction tracks as well as screen space steering. If you’re not familiar with this term, it’s essentially a different control method; so, when the car moves towards the player some may find it more intuitive pushing their analog stick right to turn left (think the opposite of how you would drive a radio-controlled car).

These two features were announced as arriving ‘very soon’ in Circuit Superstars’ latest Community Update blog, and should arrive around the same time as a bunch of other updates; including the addition of saveable replays on Xbox, visible tyre marks on Xbox Series X|S, with various other bug fixes and quality of life improvements. PC gamers can also expect the ability to invite friends directly to a game in Steam.

Following these, the team then aim to improve AI race craft behaviours and synchronisation in online multiplayer, (something we noticed in our review) as well as implementing the slipstream effect. The team will also introduce a practise mode and the welcome ability to play offline while waiting for online sessions to become available.

Original Fire Games also revealed they are working on releasing at least one new car and track before the end of the year, creating a new category of racer in the process.

As for improvements in 2022 and beyond, players should expect a PS4 release, private lobbies and ranked matchmaking in Q1. Have you been enjoying Circuit Superstars? Let us know in the comments below along with any features you’d like to see.

The full feature list can be found below:

Coming to Circuit Superstars very soon

  • Reverse Tracks
  • Steam Invites
  • You’ll be able to invite friends into a game directly from the Steam friends overlay.
  • Screen Space Steering
  • Introduces an optional control option for players who would prefer for the car to steer with direction relative to the screen. Some players find this more accessible than the default driving scheme.
  • Replays saving on Xbox.
  • Xbox Series X|S – Tire marks are now visible.
  • Plus, several bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Details will be shared with the patch update!

Next up

  • New gameplay feature: Slipstream.
  • Improvements to AI race craft.
  • Online – Improvements to synchronization and collisions.
  • Online– Play while you wait
  • You’ll be able to play other game modes or customize your cars and driver as you wait for an online game. This will result in fuller lobbies.
  • Practice Mode
  • To help you get familiar with tracks and hone in your driving line, you’ll be able to enter an endless practice session with your choice of car and track combination, racing vs your previous best time.
  • Single Player & local co-op In-race restarts.
  • New car, new track, new category!

Priorities for Q1 2022

  • Custom Lobbies (AKA Private Lobbies)
  • Ranked Matchmaking
  • PlayStation 4 Release
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