Celebrate the golden age of racing on PS4 and Switch with Classic Racers Elite 

Ross McGregor
A new publishing deal sees arcade historic racing game Classic Racers Elite come to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this summer.
Classic Racers Elite

Games publisher Funbox Media has announced a deal with developer Vision Reelle to release physical and digital versions of Classic Racers Elite this summer. 

Set in the sepia-tinted ‘sixties, Classic Racers Elite is an arcade racer focusing on the racecars of the era as they tackle hillclimb-style point-to-point tracks, sharing aesthetic cues from SimBin’s take on the historic racing genre, GT Legends.

Although beset by delays in the recent past, the new publishing deal enables PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch releases this Summer, with the title set to arrive on PC via Steam at the same time. 

Players can choose from four different vehicle categories and race on up to 50 tracks – including a historic-era Monaco clone. Cars are unlicenced but will be familiar to anyone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of historic motorsport, with distinctive body shapes including the Mini Cooper, Ford Escort and BMW 2002. 

Classic Racers Elite
Classic Racers Elite is clearly inspired by SimBin’s GT Legends

With 12 championships to complete and Free Run and Time Attack modes, there are over four hours of gameplay, with cross-platform online leaderboards providing an extra incentive to keep playing. 

Although the game is simplistic in its approach Classic Racers Elite should find a happy home on the Switch (and possibly Steam Deck pending verification) thanks to its pick-up and-play abilities, with gameplay focused on a back-to-basics, arcadey approach. 

Classic Racers Elite

Classic Racers Elite is set to release this summer on PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, with its Switch pre-order page citing a release date of the 29th of June, costing £24.99/$29.99/€29.99. 

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