Celebrate 20 years of Rally Trophy with the latest Wreckfest update

Celebrate 20 years of Rally Trophy with the latest Wreckfest update

Way before Wreckfest, and even before Ridge Racer Unbounded and FlatOut, there was Rally Trophy.

The first game by Bugbear Entertainment, a then small Finnish development startup, Rally Trophy released on PC in 2001 as a serious rival to the likes of V-Rally and Colin McRae Rally. It focussed on stage routes, with a co-driver, classic rally cars and an advanced damage model. The latter feature is something the company is still a pioneer in today.

Now, in November’s Tournament Update, you can play a stage and car inspired by that original game within the contemporary smash-em-up.

Following on from the recent Carmageddon content as a retro-infused addition, it includes a new version of an original Rally Trophy special stage set in the Russian countryside – free to all players. It will also be possible to drive the ~six-minute route in online multiplayer.

Wreckfest Rally Trophy Tournament Update

The Tournament mode will be updated to include a specific Rally Trophy challenge and there will be a Boomer RS bundle for sale using the in-game Fame currency, alongside a new Gremlin: Fiend reward bundle too.

This update continues a long line of regular free updates for Wreckfest throughout 2021, something almost unparalleled in racing videos games at present. Long may it continue. Now, I wonder what Bugbear has up its sleeves for the holiday season?

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