CarX Drift Racing online receives long-awaited Switch update

CarX Drift Racing Online Nintendo Switch

While CarX Drift Racing Online has a thriving community on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, the portable Nintendo Switch version sadly did not live up to expectations upon its launch in June last year.

While the ‘bigger’ versions have received numerous updates, tweaks and content additions between then and now, the on-the-go port is sadly lagging slightly behind.

But things seem to be changing, as on 27th January 2022, a new 2.13.0 update was released for the popular drifting game for Switch players.

CarX Drift Racing Online, Nintendo Switch 2.13.0 update

The vast majority of items added and fixed in December for PC and home consoles are now present here, too. So that means the Thor E8 and Mira cars, the new TOP-32 championships game mode, a new loading screen and body kit options for the Phoenix NX, Wellington S20 and Hummel vehicles.

Elsewhere, the aerodynamic forces have been revised, there’s a new process for painting body parts separately and the collision sensitivity in the XDS tandem mode have been refined.

All in all, a significant update. We’ll keep you updated if more changes are planet and let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see in the future for CarX.

CarX Drift Racing Online, Nintendo Switch 2.13.0 update changelog

  • New mode: TOP-32 championships
  • Inactive players automatically dismissed from multiplayer rooms
  • New cars: Thor E8 and Mira
  • New Street Tuners DLC body kits for the Wutend, Wellington S20, and Wanderer L30
  • New ProFlow body kits for the Phoenix NX and Wellington S20
  • New SharkNose body kit for the Hummel
  • Fixed car model bugs
  • Fixed the issue with saving negative values for the Engine Tune-Up parameter
  • Corrected aerodynamic force, pressing cars against the road surface, for the Racing modification
  • New loading screen
  • Fixed preview for BSB rims
  • New mechanism for painting body parts separately
  • Improved collision sensitivity in XDS modes
  • New Street Tuners DLC sticker pack, plus 3 new free sticker packs
  • New soundtracks added
  • Improved sounds and music being switched on/off incorrectly
  • Initiation speed in XDS modes and the dynostand are now displayed in the imperial units (mph) as well
  • Small tweaks to the single-player interface in Time Attack mode
  • Fixed issues with the interface disappearing

Source: CarX Technologies

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