CarX Drift Racing Online bug fix update comes to PC, Xbox and PlayStation


CarX Technologies has just announced an update to their eponymous drift simulator CarX Drift Racing Online for PlayStation, Xbox and PC Steam users.

The Russian developer has moved the game to version 2.13.3, and the latest update features a number of bug fixes for the popular title. Most of these are fairly minor, but fans of the series will be glad to see consistent improvements coming nearly five years after the game’s release.

One of the main selling points of CarX Drift Racing Online is the ability to play online against friends on different platforms, with PlayStation, Xbox, PC (Steam), and Switch users all able to race with each other, leading to some eventful online fun.

Thankfully, incorrectly registered false starts in multiplayer have been addressed, with players now also being alerted to poor connections during Top 32 mode. Virtual drifters will also be relieved to see that they can now set up new cross-play online rooms too.

After a disappointing start, the Switch version recently received a big update, but news on a v2.13.3 patch has yet to be released.

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CarX Drift Racing Online update 2.13.3 changelog:

  • Overall optimization has been improved
  • Changes have been made in camera settings save
  • West Coast Arena textures display has been fixed
  • Empty vinyl slot can be deleted now
  • Color\material of bodykits reset has been added
  • Camera positioning when applying stickers on tire has been reworked
  • Small fixes for driver’s animation after reset of additional handling settings have been made
  • Small sound fixes after map loading have been made
  • Changes on display of chosen bodykits category during separate painting have been made
  • Speed scroll for multiple selection has been fixed
  • New “Bad connection” message in Top-32 mode has been added
  • Top-32 mode’s post combat has been changed
  • Small fixes for Disconnect \ Re-connect has been made
  • Cross platform option when creating new room has been added
  • False start in multiplayer has been fixed
  • Some bugs when entering Top-32 championship have been fixed
  • FFb for Thrustmaster wheel has been improved (Xbox)
  • UI block after accepting invite has been fixed (PC)
  • Automatic car acceleration has been fixed (PC)
  • Fixes on FFB controller ban have been made (PC)
  • South America invites have been fixed (PC)
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