Car Mechanic Simulator will get VR release, looking for testers


The Car Mechanic Simulator series of games have been out for some time now with the first iteration released back in 2014 by developers Red Dot Games. However, the series has never before allowed you to stand right there in the workshop as you lovingly maintain and renovate various cars.

Previously, users that wanted a hands-on virtual reality experience of being a car mechanic have only been able to use the hilarious Job Simulator – hardly the most realistic game for getting your spanners out.

All of that changes with Car Mechanic Simulator VR. It was due to release in Q1 2021 when initially announced back in November last year but will no go into a beta testing phase – and the development team is looking for your help!

Some very lucky beta testers will be selected to try the virtual reality version of Car Mechanic Simulator and if selected, you will be required to send in your feedback.

The game will feature much of the features in Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, including the Barn Find and Junkyard modules, multiple tools, over 40 cars, 200+ parts and the ability to upgrade your garage.

How do you sign up I hear you ask? Well, simply fill in this form and the development team may get in touch to give a Steam key and a survey about your likes, dislikes and any bugs you find. Obviously, you’ll need a VR headset and a PC, plus you’ll also have to keep all of your opinions confidential whilst they work on developing a full public release of the game.

It all sounds pretty cool and has possible implications for learning in the future. Not sure about you, but for me at least trying something in VR might be useful rather than just YOLOing it on my own car. We also dream of the day that this gets integrated into a simulator like BeamNG where we finally have to pay for all of the cars we damaged with some good old fashioned hard labour!

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