BMW’s M4 GT3 is coming to Real Racing 3

BMW’s M4 GT3 is coming to Real Racing 3

EA’s popular mobile racing game, Real Racing 3, is about to receive another new car – the BMW M4 GT3.

As part of the Munich car manufacturer’s Sim Live event, and a seemingly unending push to get the M4 GT3 into every racing game on earth, the German coupe will be arriving on your iOS or Android mobile device within “the next week or two.”

Despite its mobile device existence, Firemonkeys Studios’ racing title has sim-like pretensions. You need to pay attention to your braking zones and racing lines to get the best out of your train journey.

We weren’t able to see the car racing, but footage of it sat on Brand Hatch with the camera panning around the model was displayed, and as with every other vehicle in Real Racing 3, it is represented inch perfectly.

BMW’s M4 GT3 is coming to Real Racing 3

We’ll keep you updated when the final details are revealed. Will this be something you’ll be playing during a holiday season commute? Let us know in the comments below.

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