BMW M4 GT3 comes for free to Assetto Corsa Competizione this week

Ross McGregor

As part of update 1.8, 505 Games have announced the addition of the BMW M4 GT3 to Assetto Corsa Competizione,(ACC) arriving on the 24th November. The new car is being made available to PC gamers first, with PlayStation and Xbox X|S users having to wait until 25th February 2022. The virtual car – coming to real race tracks in 2022 – arrives as a free download for the KUNOS Simulazioni-developed ACC, and comes with a few little extra improvements for the popular GT3 sim.

505 Games also announced the implementation of NVIDIA DLSS to help Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards obtain better visuals at higher framerates, with the addition of AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR) for AMD graphics card users. As well as using a newer version of the Unreal Engine – v4.26 should help produce better volumetric clouds – KUNOS Simulazioni will be making smaller updates to ACC’s tyre model and physics engine.

We originally expected the M4 GT3 to be ready to race in ACC sometime in 2022, so to have it arrive this week – and for free – is an unexpected bonus that will excite many ACC players. With a new US-based track to arrive, and hints over the inclusion of the GT2 European Series persisting, the coming months are sure to contain a few interesting announcements for the official game of the GT World Challenge. BMW and simracing peripheral manufacturer Fanatec also recently announced the pricing details of their new wheel rim designed for both the real and virtual BMW M4 GT3 car.

A run-down of update v1.8 is below:

  • BMW M4 GT3 2022 as free DLC
  • Unreal Engine update (v 4.26)
  • NVIDIA DLSS implementation
  • AMD FSR implementation
  • Physics engine and tyre model updates

Are you looking forward to trying out the latest Bavarian masterpiece in-game? Has the front grille grown on you yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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