Behind the scenes with Dave Cam’s POV of the Week series

For the past 11 weeks, Dave Cam has been giving us a different perspective on racing game video content. You see, in these Dave’s POV of the Week videos, instead of just getting a normal race screen capture, you essentially see through Dave’s eyes, what he sees on his monitors and in his hands.

This season, Dave’s been on multiple sim racing platforms, including Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, Automobilista 2 and of course, iRacing. In each title, Dave turns off the heads up display on screen, turns up the graphics, and experiences the race as if he was in an actual, physical racecar.

Today, Dave takes us behind the scenes to witness how it’s all put together. It’s not as simple as strapping a GoPro to his head and pressing record! There are multiple steps needed to pull off an immersive point of view which includes things like changing the environment as well as precise editing.

How does Dave hide the background behind the monitors so well? What does he use to get his footage close to eye-level viewing? How about capturing sounds in and out of the game? It’s all answered here. Hopefully this video can help anyone else looking to set up their own point of view content!

If you haven’t yet seen Dave’s previous POVs, get on over to the Traxion.GG website or the Traxion.GG YouTube page to watch the previous POVs of the Week, as well as all the other great Dave Cam content on there. Is there a POV scenario you’d like to see happen in the future? Let us know down below!

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