Mod of the Month, April 2023 

Ross McGregor
In a new monthly feature, we showcase our favourite mod. For our first article, we put on our water wings and highlight the hilarious Flood mod. Mod of the Month, April 2023 

Everyone loves a bit of, don’t they? “Of course they do,” I hear you reply.  

Well, to celebrate its enduring popularity we thought we’d launch a new monthly feature where we explore the deepest and darkest recesses of the mod Repository, seeking out the finest and most enjoyable mods we can find. 

For April’s entry, we take a look at a peculiarly popular mod among the streaming community, where players attempt to escape rising sea levels and emerge as the Flood master. 

Nailed it.

The Flood 

No, it’s not a Take That song*, or a villainous hive of alien balloons. The Flood is a BeamNG mod that allows players to adjust the sea level of the currently selected map. Players can alter how quickly the sea level rises, engulfing everything in its path. Especially you. 

It’s biblically destructive and better suited to Noah’s Ark than cars, but it can provide plenty of entertainment thanks to its BeamMP online component. This naturally creates ‘King of the Hill’ style scenarios where players compete to outrun the flood and head for the high ground., Flood mod, West Coast USA
With the sea level down, West Coast USA looks eerie

Floods of tears

Once downloaded, map a key for enabling the mod’s UI in-game by searching for ‘flood’ in the controls sub-menu (I chose ‘F’ for Flood). Hitting the F key brings up the Flood UI where you can experiment with how quickly the map becomes drenched, even setting a specific flood height. This ensures it’s at least possible to reach a safe place. 

And it also adds rain to the game, with players able to control the volume and intensity of precipitation. Another cool feature is the ability to lower the sea level, which makes West Coast USA look a tad apocalyptic., Flood mod, West Coast USA
“I’m fine here, mate, on you go”

It’s a simple idea executed brilliantly, and, as you can see from a cursory YouTube search it has provided countless streamers with solid content. You might even say they find it Floody brilliant (I’m definitely getting fired for that). 

Can you beat the Flood and make the Master Chief proud? Are there any other mods we should be showcasing next month? Let us know in the comments below., Flood mod, West Coast USA
I didn’t make it.

* for anyone under the age of 25, Take That are a boyband made up of a quintet quartet trio of singer/songwriters. They found particular success in the nineties.

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