Automobilista 2 adds complimentary BMW 2002 Turbo in V1.2.4.3

On Monday, Automobilista 2 was updated to version While a complimentary version released late last week, the team at Reiza Studios also said it would be one of two updates coming within a week’s time.

Besides the normal slew of fixes and adjustments, the big ticket item found in V1.2.4.3 is the addition of the BMW 2002 Turbo to the Vintage Touring Car Tier 1 classification of vehicles in the game. This limited edition RWD BMW launched in 1973 and has 220 HP. The new-old BMW will opposite the Corvette C3 that released in the V1.2.3.0 patch in the same Vintage Touring Car Class.

Both updates also bring more optimization to the new Monza circuit in the DLC that launched alongside the V1.2.4.1 patch. Both of the changelogs are included below. I had a lot of fun wheeling the classic BMW around earlier today. If classic cars are in your wheelhouse, you’ll definitely enjoy the feeling of these new machines.



  • Updated recent Real Weather data


  • Fixed tire temperature status widget not updating on some in-game screens
  • Fixed last session status being displayed on pre race leaderboard
  • Fixed championship round editor incorrectly altering session start hours when propagating race date changes
  • Fixed center column of drivetrain tab unelectable on setup editor
  • Fixed practice weather slot4 of in game session settings block referencing qualifying slot4


  • Minor tire tread adjustment for F-Vintages
  • Minor brake torque adjustment for all GT & Prototypes
  • AI callibration pass for F-V12, F-Vintage G1
  • Adjusted AI brake power & grip
  • Adjusted AI Grip multipliers for Monza 1991 & Modern
  • Adjusted AI to start passing routines sooner
  • Slightly increased parameter to reducing AI propensity to cut corner to avoid a crash


  • Monza 2021 GP: Slight increased width of green runoff at Lesmos 1 and 2
  • Monza 1971: Increased road noise on banked oval first draft; Optimized terrain shadows, new shadow dummy for banked track structures Increased grid spacing
  • General art updates to all Monza versions




  • Added BMW 2002 to Vintage Touring Cars Tier 1 class


  • Split Mini 1965 & Lotus 23 into a separate Vintage Touring Car tier from Corvette C3 and BMW 2002
  • Fixed source of CTD when going into the pits with Copa Truck
  • Updated recent Real Weather data


  • Fixed issue that resulted in stale status data being displayed on pre-race leaderboard.
  • Fixed camera toggle incorrectly displaying on pre session leaderboard
  • Fixed pre session multiplayer chat issue
  • Pre-session screen now foces camera to player


  • Minor tire tread adjustments to BMW Procar, Group A, Group C, Vintage Touring Cars, Opala 1979, Opala Old Stock, F-Vee, F-Classic Gen3, P1
  • Slightly reduced slick tires tread adhesion with water
  • Revised crankshaft mass of all cars for more accurate engine speed inertia
  • Revised wheel bearings for street cars
  • Mclaren 720S GT3: Revised aero; minor weight distribution & engine torque curve correction
  • BMW Procar: Moved default brake bias slightly rearwards
  • Adjused LSD differentials fos C3 & C3-R
  • Revised brake torque for F-Trainers, F-Vee, Lotus 23, Mini 1965
  • Adjusted steering lock range for high steering rotation cars (same default setting from before, lower minimal setting)
  • F-Vintage: Adjusted default final drive for Gen 1 model 1
  • Adjusted FFB Max force for Corvette C3, BMW 2002, Mini 1965
  • Revised Lotus 23 chassis inertia values
  • Group A: AI callibration pass
  • Further decreased AI Strength in the 70-100% range
  • Monza 1991: Adjusted AI performance


  • Fixed redundancy causing double entries for water splash sound


  • Monza 2020: Performance optimization & LOD pass; Added drain material to curbs for Livetrack functionality: Increase track limits at t3 runoff of Monza Junior layout
  • Monza 1991: Performance optimization pass, LOD pass, Minor fixes; Updated trackside cameras
  • Monza 1971: Move 10k rolling start location to mid point oval back straight; Fixed S/F Score Tower Z-fighting
  • Curitiba & Londrina: Rebuilt concrete walls to sort strange collisions
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