Assetto Corsa Competizione releases v1.8.2.2 update for consoles

Justin Melillo
Another update, v1.8.2.2, is available for Xbox and PlayStation editions of Assetto Corsa Competizione as of Thursday 13th October.
New Assetto Corsa Competizione console DLC packs announced

The latest update to the console edition of Assetto Corsa Competizione dropped on Thursday (13th October 2022) with updates to both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. This comes just over two weeks after the anticipated release of v1.8 came to console gaming systems.

Both systems received general quality of life fixes to the UI, settings, controls and graphics. The Xbox specifically updated items such as the TruForce on the Logitech G923 not working properly. For the PlayStation, a couple of Multiplayer issues were resolved as well.

The full list of updates are listed below. Publisher 505 Games is also looking for further feedback following the update release if things still seem out of whack.

General Fixes

  • Controls and UI issues in loading and saving car set-ups
  • Gameplay – Button mappings for some buttons missing
  • Gameplay – Default steering wheel presets not showing up
  • UI – Placeholder UI elements visible instead of shoulder buttons in the setup menu
  • Main Menu – Car showroom idle screen appears as a black screen
  • Championship – Missing focus after completing a Championship
  • UI – Pausing the race multiple times will eventually cause the race timer HUD element to disappear
  • UI – Double button input when highlighting ‘New Season’ in Championship start menu causes loss of focus
  • Career – Missing labels at the end of a career mode session in the career event result screen
  • Graphics – Placeholder texture in rear window and sunshield of select 2020 Audi Evo entries in several game modes
  • HUD – Displayed data is offset in Dashboard on HUD in multiple car models
  • Missing text in a warning when selecting 30 opponents in a race
  • Multiplayer – Going into the option menu while spectating softlocks the title

Xbox Specific Fixes

  • Gameplay – Trueforce stopped working on G923
  • Graphics/Multiplayer – Brakes are visible as glowing permanently when spectating another user
  • UI – Car model does not update on user list following a car model change by a user
  • Multiplayer – When switching cars in multiplayer, the previous car selected will show in pits with the username ‘Text’
  • Audio – Voice Chat feature regularly not fully functional
  • Multiplayer – Start not triggered at CP race at 1500 Eastern Time 24 November 2021
  • Graphics/UI – Low resolution font of personal best times in SP menu in 4k

PlayStation Specific Fixes

  • Multiplayer – User joining MP server second is invisible to user 1 who in turn is displayed as static car model to users joining
  • Multiplayer – Crash – Having two or more users in the same server causes the title to crash
  • Main Menu – Car preview window textures never load completely until the car selection menu is accessed once
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