Asetek SimSports unveils new Invicta Sim Racing Boots, ships in June

Asetek SimSports unveils new Invicta Sim Racing Boots, ships in June

A new pair of sim racing boots are on the market from Asetek SimSports. The Invicta Racing Boots cost €99.00 and will ship towards the end of June.

For sim racers, there are three choices of footwear when it comes to putting your foot down on the pedals. For some, it’s a standard shoe, maybe something thinner to feel the pedal better. As for others, a pair of socks will do just fine. I’m personally on team barefoot, as socks make my feet slip the pedals. Perhaps I’ll reconsider after taking a look at this new sim racing footwear from Asetek.

The Invicta Racing Boots from Asetek SimSports, named after the same brand name as Asetek SimSports’ Invicta hydraulic pedals that released in March, are available to order now. They’re lightweight, weighing in at 0.8 kilograms or 1.8 pounds. They should provide an immersive addition to your sim racing endeavors.

These boots have a “thin, rubber sole” designed with the Asetek branding everywhere you look. These puppies are said to breathe and have comfort completely in mind, complete with a padded tongue for that little bit of extra. The top of the boot has a self-fastening strap and the included laces allow for the right fit.

Now, I appreciate these boots as I normally wouldn’t drive a street car with socks or my bare feet, unless I’m 20 hours into a trip across the country and I haven’t stood up in a while. These sim racing boots should bring another level of immersion to your sim racing career. Although, the higher top which will cover the ankles is not my personal preference.

These boots are real, by the way, unlike Asetek SimSports’ attempt at an April Fools joke with those furry, car-themed pedal covers. Actually, I really liked that idea as a bare foot sim racer. The pedals do get cold, although I do think we’d be sacrificing grip with them installed. Either way, everyone has their preferences. If wearing shoes or boots is yours, maybe look into purchasing these.

The Invicta Racing Boots will cost €99.00 and will ship late in June. The sizes range from 233 millimeters to 293 millimeters, or from a Men’s 5 UK / 5.5 US to a 12 UK / 12.5 US size. Do note, these shoes are not fire resistant. They should not be used as a replacement for real-world racing shoes. Will you be grabbing a pair for sim racing? Let us know in the comments below!

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