art of rally to receive new Indonesian stages

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Six new stages and a freeroam area set in Indonesia is on the way for art of rally, alongside graphical fidelity updates for the Switch version.
art of rally to receive new Indonesian stages

A new update for art of rally is due imminently, and this time it adds a new set of Indonesian content.

The ‘jungle’ environment has been teased for some time, with the game’s creator Dune Casu stating recently on the Traxion.GG Podcast that:

“There’s new content planned [for art of rally]. It will be tropical, a brand-new location with six stages and freeroam – we will be putting out some hints eventually.”

With Indonesia confirmed as the new location by today’s teaser video, we can see the Southeast Asian country’s palm trees and humid climate brought to life in art of rally‘s inimitable style.

This will entail six new stages and one new freeroam area to find and discover new unlockables. This follows the Kenyan update, released back in August 2021.

art of rally Indonesia update

There is no word on pricing or availability as of yet, however, the Kenya update was free for all platforms, across PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. There’s also no indication yet if this will include new cars too.

Nintendo Switch updated with crisper visuals

Speaking of the Switch version, art of rally has today (12th May) also received a portable-platform specific update.

This port of the retro-infused rally racer has faced graphical issues since launch, including only rendering ~30 trees at any one time and popping up as your driver nearer. Shadows too were noticeably drawn just ahead of your car.

art of rally Nintendo Switch graphical update May 2022

“The tree and object density of vegetation is now the same as other platforms and there is grass too,” explained Casu via social media, while thanking porting experts DO Games.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re downloading this latest update for art of rally on the go.

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