ADAC SimRacing Expo Professional Trophy: van der Velde wins third round following Statsenko penalty

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Williams Esports has taken its second race victory in the 2023 ADAC SimRacing Expo Professional Trophy, only this time for its Razer-backed squad.
ADAC SimRacing Expo Professional Trophy - van der Velde wins third round following Statsenko penalty

The final remote round, before two in-person title-deciders in Dortmund later this month, or the 2023 ADAC SimRacing Expo Professional Trophy has been won by Williams Esports Razer driver Tinko van der Velde.

It followed a solid open round in September, but a disaster last time out at Monza, catapulting the second of two Williams teams second in the points – joint numbers to its Williams Esports Chillblast colleagues, but behind on countback.

Using Assetto Corsa Competizione, entrants headed to a virtual grey Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit for a 45-minute race with no mandatory pitstops.

van der Velde kicked off proceedings by securing pole position by a scant 01.s over the season-long protagonist Mikhail Statsenko, with the ever-consistent Marco Jonkers for West Competition Racing BMW Romania in third.

For the first time this season, the Ferrari 296 GT3s looked to be competitive, with YAS HEAT’s Valentin Barrier completing the second row ahead of Glitch Motorsport’s Oscar Tringale.

As the field entered Haug-Haken for the first time, Statsenko had a look around the outside for the lead, but it’s easy for the driver on the inside to control the line and ease their rival wide there, and that’s exactly what the Audi-driving Williams competitor did.

ADAC SimRacing Expo Professional Trophy 2023, round 3 race start

The main beneficiary of the open lap was the adjacent Williams entry, the McLaren 720S GT3 of Vojtěch Fiala moving up one position, splitting the Ferraris in fifth.

The runner-up at Monza would gain another position when Barrier awkwardly clipped the NGK-Schikane’s kerb, bouncing onto the grass and dropping down the order. The YAS HEAT Ferrari would eventually retire.

After starting at the rear of an R8 for nearly half an hour, Statsenko lunged for the lead at the first corner, only to tap van der Velde into a half spin. The Lamborghini backed off and let the Audi back ahead, but the time loss meant Jonkers and Fiala made it a four-way fight for the win.

ADAC SimRacing Expo Professional Trophy 2023, YAS HEAT Valentin Barrier

Two laps later, and part in defence against the BMW driver and part attack for first, Statsenko slightly tapped the rear of van der Velde. The ITB driver was awarded a five-second penalty this time. It didn’t deter him, however, with three minutes left, the race lead changed hands with a successful move into the opening turn.

Statsenko would cross the line first, but the penalty dropped him behind van der Velde, Jonkers and Fiala to fourth.

ADAC SimRacing Expo Professional Trophy 2023 - Tinko van der Velde vs Mikhail Statsenko take 2

“I’m so exhausted, very drained right now,” said van der Velde

“That was maximum attack, full send.”

ADAC SimRacing Expo Professional Trophy 2023, Round 3 race results

  1. Tinko van der Velde – Williams Esports Razer – 24 laps
  2. Marco Jonkers – West Competition Racing BMW Romania +0.833
  3. Vojtěch Fiala – Williams Esports Chillblast +1.676
  4. Mikhail Statsenko – ITB Racing +4.434
  5. Leon Berndt – RennWelten eSports – Red +5.522
  6. Oscar Tringale – Glitch Motorsport +10.076
  7. Mateusz Hladky – Tomas ENGE SIM Racing +12.409
  8. Maciej Malinowski – Veloce McLaren VEXT +14.773
  9. Tobias Schurr – GetCloserRacing +15.377
  10. David Pertile – Team Racing Point +16.245
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