99 years later: GT Sport Daily Races w/c 24th January 2022

Thomas Harrison-Lord
99 years later: GT Sport Daily Races w/c 24th January 2022

Next year will mark the centenary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, first run in 1923. 99 years ago it was called the ‘Grand Prix of Speed and Endurance/Rudge-Withworth Cup’, with 33 cars on the grid and only two drivers per entry. André Lagache and René Léonard were the inaugural winners. 

Since then the race has evolved quite a bit, and so have video games. It’s fitting with such a rich history that the event’s venue, Circuit de la Sarthe, features within GT Sport – developer Polyphony Digital tends to use provenance a key factor when including real-world tracks to include in its games. 

This brings us neatly to this week’s online ranked Daily Races for Gran Turismo Sport players, featuring the same venue.  

You thought we’d finished with Le Mans-themed articles at Traxion.GG for a while, but allow us just this final one…

GT Sport Daily Races 24th January 2022

The first event has now become a classic combination. The diminutive Mazda Roadster Touring Car and the Miyabi layout of the Kyoto Driving Park. A millimetre-perfect qualifying lap and utilising the slipstream are both essential to a good result in Race A, alongside avoiding the inevitable last lap argy-bargy. 

Mazda Roadster MX-5 race car, GT Sport

The second event this week is also a repeat of a repeat, otherwise known as a ‘fan favourite’. Interlagos, any Gr.3 car in your garage, five laps – let’s go. 

The Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept ‘18 looks to be the car of choice around this venue, provided you can tame its oversteer…  

The Max line - Interlagos

Race C is one of the rare times it is a one-make event, with only the Red Bull X2019 Competition allowed. The Gr.X machine is well suited to the quick corners and long straights of Circuit de la Sarthe. 

Another indication that we are nearing the end of GT Sport’s life, as this exact combination was used as recently as July 2021, and Race A in August 2021 too

The Dunlop Curve, Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans

Full details of each race are below, and the playlist will next reset on Monday 31st January 2022. If you’re interested in other games created by the same studio, we recently re-visited Tourist Trophy Gran Turismo for motorcycle fans.

Race A 

Car: N200 – Mazda Roadster Touring Car
Laps: Eight
No. Of Cars: 12 
Duration: 15 Minutes
Tyres: Sports Medium
Fuel Consumption: None 
Tyre Wear: None 
Start Type: Grid Start

Race B 

Car: Gr.3, any 
Track: Autódromo de Interlagos
Laps: Five
No. Of Cars: 16 
Duration: 15 Minutes
Tyres: Racing Medium
Fuel Consumption: None 
Tyre Wear: None 
Start Type: Rolling Start

Race C 

Car: Gr.X, Gran Turismo Red Bull X2019 Competition
Track: Circuit de la Sarthe
Laps: Five
No. Of Cars: 20 
Duration: 25 Minutes 
Tyres: Racing Hard
Fuel Consumption: 1x
Tyre Wear: 5x
Start Type: Grid Start with False Start Check

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