2022 iRacing Season 1 Global Mazda MX-5 Fanatec Cup – Week 8 at Okayama Short Track Guide | Dave Cam

2022 iRacing Season 1 Week 8 takes the participants in the Global Mazda MX-5 Fanatec Cup to Okayama for more Mazda mayhem. Dave Cam knows all too well after last week how reckless those events can get. Thankfully, there won’t be other drivers on the track today so Dave can give you the full tour of this week’s facility.

Okayama Int’l Circuit on iRacing only has two layouts, the Full Course and the Short. This short course measures in at 1.3-miles or 2.09-kilometers and contains only seven corners, including First Corner, Last Corner, Piper, Redman and Hobbs. The course starts to variate where you’d normally turn left to take Turn 2, aka Williams. Instead, drivers hang a right and skip to what is normally Turn 7, aka Piper.

The short course itself takes away about half of the full track, as well as half of the passing opportunities. Regardless, races this week are 15 laps instead of 10, so you’ll still have a few more shots. Dave knows those passing zones well, including ways to take them when racing alongside others.

On top of the passing zones, Dave also has you covered for all the braking zones, landmarks, apices, and anything else quirky that might help this week. The slow and methodical approach is the first step to continued success. Use this time wisely.

As always, Dave’s collection of track guides and other Traxion content can be viewed over on the website. If you’ve picked up your lap time, leave a like to let us know. Make sure you’re subscribed and you have notifications on for the next Dave Cam content on the channel, as well as all of the other fun stuff we’ll be sharing. Until then, keep it pinned.

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